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Our Mission is to develop a sustainable model based on Community, Climate Action and Biodiversity.

The Knoydart Foundation’s current top priorities are to replace our hydro scheme and the creation of more affordable homes on the peninsula.  You can help by donating below.


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About the Knoydart Foundation


How is the Knoydart Foundation structured. What are its constituent parts and who are our partners.

Our People

Who are the people that regularly commit their efforts to the betterment of our community and habitat.


What is under our guardianship and how do these effect the daily lives of residents of Knoydart.

We have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

We have a mantra in the Knoydart Foundation.  “Get Stuff Done.”   But not just any stuff.  The important stuff.  Things that will have a positive impact on the daily lives of our residents and visitors.   When we organise volunteer days they are very well attended with a large proportion of the population.  In our Operations Team we’re constantly questioning if there’s more efficient ways of doing things and we all muck in to help each other.  

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Knoydart Foundation News

Community Directors Meeting 6.00 p.m. Aug 15th, 2022

Community Directors Meeting 6.00 p.m. Aug 15th, 2022

Attending Grant Holroyd (Chair), Sam Gardener, Davie Newton, Anna Wilson, Denise Atherley (Via Zoom), Richard Williams (Via Zoom) Also Attending Craig Dunn, Liz Tibbets, Louise Costello, Drew McNaughton, Tom Dalziel, Jane Hollowood, Steph Harris (Via Zoom), Jo...

Our Top Priorities

In 2017 a Community Plan was produced.  While the Knoydart Foundation isn’t the community itself we try to align ourselves with the plan.  Listed below are the top five priorities of the Knoydart Foundation today.


Secure the future of  our hydro scheme.


Through upgrade of current stock, new housing to rent or building plots through our ground breaking Rural Burden Scheme.


Facilities for people to start their own enterprises.


Encourage community participation in initiatives and encourage a positive attitude.


We’re at the very end of the supply chain.  Let’s produce more of our own food needs.

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Trees Planted

Through paid and volunteer work and in partnership with the Knoydart Forest Trust, we've planted over half a million trees on the Knoydart Peninsula.


We are fortunate to be guardians of large chunk of land on the West Coast of Scotland and have over 17,500 acres under our stewardship.


Through the Knoydart Foundation Ranger Service we've delivered over 400 walks, tours, talks and events.


We have upgraded, or built from new, twelve houses that are currently lived in with plans for more in the next year.


We've helped a number of business enterprises either start up or grow.


Over the last 20 years we've had over 600,000 visitors experiencing the beauty and tranquility of Knoydart.


From a low of 65 not so long ago, we've now increased the number of residents to 111.

% More Woodland

Since the Knoydart Foundation took over stewardship of the land we've seen nearly 50% more woodland growing on Knoydart.

Current Power Usage from Knoydart Renewables Hydro Scheme

Camping at Long Beach

Camping on Knoydart is spectacular.  Long Beach campsite is beautifully placed with a view out across Inverie Bay.  The Isle of Rum is framed centrally on the horizon.  The views are quite stunning.   A great place to camp on Knoydart and use as your end destination, a starting point or your base for exploring the Rough Bounds.

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Scotland’s favourite bunkhouse

Knoydart Foundation Bunkhouse

Stay at the historic Knoydart Foundation Bunkhouse and enjoy our hospitality in front of a roaring log fire. Two minutes to Long Beach and ideally located for travellers, walkers and adventurers as a base for your outdoor exploration.

Knoydart Deer Stalking

The wild red deer roam the last great wilderness in Scotland.  Join our deer managers to stalk the Rough Bounds.  Spectacular views of the Small Isles, Skye, Ladhar Bhein and even as far as Ben Nevis.   You can request a booking online here.

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Thank you for the tour of Knoydart with the Ranger Service.  It was an absolute delight and full of insight and wonder.  Such a wonderful place and in such good hands.

- Frederick Hanson

Our Partners & Funders

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