Stop press 9th November: Goodybags and returned cheques for those who were unable to catch the boat are in the post!

What a success! The Fun Run and the 10k went ahead as planned despite some horrendous weather which caused the cancellation of the Trail Run. Luckily the Trail participants were happy to compete in the 10k instead, which meant we had 30 participants – all of whom finished! The Spanish John ploughed through high seas to bring the ambulance and crew in (and the skipper then changed into his running gear and joined the runners!)

There was a small army of volunteers, without whom the day wouldn’t have taken place. These included Meri 3, Knoydart Pottery, The Old Forge, Milligan Transport, Phoenix Corporate Gifts, The Gathering, the Peels, Doune, Knoydart Lodge, Knoydart Forest Trust, Knoydart Trading, Dave Marriott, the three trophy makers (Pit, Jim and Grant), the marshalls all drawn from the community including Mark Harris and his flashing light, the timekeepers (Aaran and Joanne), the Rescue Medic ambulance for braving the high seas, and of course the two organisers of a fantastic event, Angela Williams and Lorna Schofield.

So, on to the results. Although they are in finishing order, please bear in mind that to have everyone enter and complete the run was amazing. Nearly half the competitors were Knoydart residents, many more used to sinking pints than pounding the kilometres!

(TR) = originally entered the cancelled 23k Trail Run

(K) = Knoydart resident

10k Run

1st Simon Axon (TR)   40min 55sec (First in race, first original Trail Runner)

2nd Bert van Tuijl (TR)  43m 15s (Second in race, second original Trail Runner)

3rd Graham Sutherland   44m 25s (First original 10k Runner)

4th Pavla Schwanova (K)  44m 27s (First local resident, first female)

5th Hamish MacDonald (TR)  44m 35s (Third original Trail Runner)

6th Louise Proven (TR)  45m 00s (Second female, first female original Trail Runner)

7th David Haynes (K)  46m 33s (Second local resident)

8th Jim Manthorpe (K, TR)  47m 30s (Third local resident)

9th equal Tommy McManmon (K)/ Toby Robinson (K)  48m 06s

11th Catherine Holmes   48m 46s

12th Allan Brownie   48m 59s

13th K MacLeod (TR)  49m 51s

14th Stuart Griffan   51m 22s

15th Sandy Sutherland (K)  52m 24s

16th Eric Dodd (TR) 52m 31s

17th Piers Trussell (K)  52m 45s

18th Finlay Dowell (TR)  53m 21s

19th Greg Milligan   53m 48s

20th Davie Newton (K)  53m 54s

21st Dana Griffan   54m 00s

22nd Joe Blower   56m 43m

23rd Abby Boultbee   58m 30s

24th Lorna Schofield (K)  58m 41s

25th equal Tom Harris (K)/ Drew Harris (K) 1hr 01m 27s

27th Hilary Turner (K, TR)  1hr 2m 15s

28th Rohan Beyts   1hr 6m 42s

29th Stuart Preece   1hr 7m 13s

30th Louise Beveridge (K)  1hr 22m 23s

Fun Run

Tom Harris 17min 51secs (first male)

Callum Woombs 18m 25s

Finn Robinson 19m 40s

Ewan Tibbetts 20m 47s

Jasmine Humphrey 21m 10s (first female)

Freya Holroyd 21m 12s

Lachie Robinson 21m 27s

Kira Holroyd 22m 05s

Anna Robinson 22m 11s

Coll Robinson / Toby Robinson 23m 00s

Rohan Beyts 24m 24s

Daisy Humphrey 31m 30s

Rachel Beveridge / Caitlin Woombs 31m 47s

Deirdre Wilson 32m 33s

Claire Docherty 34m 33s

Pat Preece 34m 33s