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Thank you…and results!

What a fantastic day! We had 14 runners in the 5k, 14 in the 10k, and eight in the 23k Trail Run. Thanks so much to the participants, as well as the sponsors and volunteers. Here are the results:


1stClaire Gordon24:28
2ndCalum Woombs28.09
3rdArchie Gray31.36
4thFreya Holroyd32.20
5thCaitlin Woombs32.30
6th equalRobbie Gray33.15
6th equalStruan Robertson33.15
8thLachie Robinson35.25
9thToby Robinson35.32
10thEdward Roberts40.10
11thAnna Robertson44.19
12thAilsa McGregor58.21
Short version    Kath and Coll Robinson 32.39


1stEdward Trower47.16
2ndPiers Trussell48.15
3rdAngus Kennedy48.57
4thTara McGregor58.16
5thToby Robinson59.10
6thTommy McManmon59.32
7thChe MacMillan1.00.18
8thCaroline Mackay1.02.41
9thJude Henderson1.04.42
10thVivian Thorburn1.05.02
11thLorna Schofield          1.05.49
12thCath Curd1.08.12
13thRohan Beyts1.15.20
14th    Cara Gray1.26.09

Trail Run

1stMark Roberts1.43.15
2ndRab Murray1.43.30
3rdBert van-Tuijl1.54.39
4thColin Egan2.15.16
5thHamish MacDonald   2.15.24
6thJackie Robertson2.19.43
7thLee Warner2.27.22
8thAlan Landsdown4.15.00

Go wild in Knoydart….

….and sign up for our Run Knoydart event on Saturday 30th August 2014, to celebrate 15 years of community ownership. Get your running shoes on for our 5k walk/run, 10K run or trail run! To pre-register your interest email runknoydart(at)gmail.com and we will send you the latest information. 

This event is an exciting part of the Knoydart Foundation’s annual programme to celebrate 15 years of community ownership.

K15 Run Knoydart will consist of 3 events:

– Fun event: 5 kilometres  £7.50 for under 16’s, and £15 for over 16’s. Under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult. 

– Adults’ event: 10 kilometres £25

– Adults’ event: Trail run (approx 21 kilometres) / £30

All participants will receive a Run Knoydart 15K celebration teeshirt. Water will be provided on the runs and there will be soup etc at the end of the event for participants.

TO ENTER EVENT : email your details  to runknoydart(at)gmail.com and we will send you a run entry form and details. 

K10 video above by Sam Firth. You can read about our last run event (the K10 Runs) here.