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Knoydart Foundation

Community Directors Meeting

Held Tuesday 11th March 2019

Village Hall, 4pm – 6pm

Present:  Grant Holroyd (chair), Kristy Brown, Jane Davies

In Attendance:  Liz Tibbetts, Craig Dunn, Margaret Duncan

Minutes taken by:  Kristy Brown

1.          Apologies

            Frank Atherly, Ian Robertson

2.         Declarations of interest

            Grant – Item 8 KFT

            Kristy – Item 9 JB’s Hours

3.         Minutes of meeting

            12th February 2019 – Approved

4.         Matters Arising


5.         Post Office

       A representative from the Post Office is due to visit this week, after that visit it will be clearer what services could be provided and what scope there is in terms of income.  Everyone is clear that it would have to cover its full costs and share of overheads.  Once we have more information it would be a good idea to consult the community on what services they would use/like to see available.  All agree that logically Trading should take this forward but needs to be discussed with Mags.  ACTION Liz (Liz left the meeting)

6.         Hut Consultation

            Feed back from the consultation was discussed and it was agreed to pass back to             Craig to ask Amie more questions ACTION Craig.  Recommended not to publish the     feedback until we have further information. (Mags entered the meeting).  Mags not           able to look at the financial aspect until end of April.

7.         Land West of Westfield

            Proceeds from sale of this land was originally intended for redevelop Manitoba’s.             Recommend that before Sale of Land is considered we need to seek the approval          of the Full Board to re-designate funds (after sale/legal costs) to critical          infrastructure projects (ie Manitoba’s, Hydro etc).  ACTION Craig

8.         KFT – New Woodland Proposals

            KFT seeking authorisation to revise the Woodland Plan – Directors agree to           recommend for approval by the Full Board ACTION Craig.  (Frank has emailed his   support).  Query regarding access points addressed.

9.         JB’s Hours

            Discussion regarding JB now over his allocated paid hours.  Agreed payment for   hours needed to complete essential work proposed and the need for a system         whereby the issue doesn’t arise again.  ACTION Craig/Mags

10.       New Office

            Craig now project managing going forward and circulated office costs to finish.     Budget implications to be considered ACTION Mags.  Review costs to see if there can   be any further savings ACTION Craig.  Realistic finish date is the end of April.  Any further contracts to be undertaken need to be fixed price with penalties.

11.       Email Action

            No significant email action.

12.       Any Other Business

            a.         Piggeries Caravan site

                        2 actions outstanding required by Planners, Craig has requested access to                         planning portal to sort.  ACTION Craig

            b.         Ferry Contract

                        Discussion regarding the need for KF to respond to the consultation as a                           business. ACTION Craig

            c.         AW’s resignation from KR

                        Angela has handed in her notice for KR – week commencing 27th May.                              Discussion regarding the need to book time with her.  ACTION Mags/Craig                       KF need to seek reassurance from KR that the pipeline project is on track,                               ask for a monthly report.  ACTION Grant/Frank  Query regarding relocation                of estate deeds from HC offices to solicitors in Stornoway.  ACTION                           Craig/Grant  Bank Mandate now more pressing, get approval by the Finance                        Sub Committee  ACTION Mags  Compile action points from last few years to                     see if we’re missing anything important.  ACTION Kristy

            d.         Shared Drive for Meeting Minutes

                        Craig has implemented and will send a link so approved users can access.

            e.         Right of Servitude request

                        Discussion regarding request.  Needs to be put in writing, their agreement to                    pay all legal costs and charged a handling fee.  Need to define current                          ownership so we don’t lose any access.  ACTION Craig

13.       Review of Action Points

                March – Current

                Post Office/Trading discussion with Mags – Liz

                Hut consultation feedback – discuss with Amie – Craig

            KF Full Board agenda – Redesignation of funds from sale of land – Craig

            KF Full Board agenda Revision of Woodland Plan – Craig

            JB’s hours – Craig/Mags

            New office budget implications to be considered – Mags

            New Office potential savings – Craig

                Outstanding Planning for Caravan at Piggeries – Craig

            Ferry Contract Consultation response – Craig

            Book time with Ang – Mags/Craig

            Request monthly report from KR for pipeline project – Grant/Frank

            Estate deeds, send Grant email reminder – Craig/Grant

            Bank Mandate approval Finance Sub Committee 26th March – Mags

            Compile action points – Kristy 

            Right of servitude request/define current ownership – Craig

                February 2019 – Ongoing

            Liaise with Mags and come up with budget for piggeries/caravan – Craig

            Discussion regarding accommodation cost centre to be continued – Grant/Mags

            HR Consultancy help to be sourced – Craig

            January 2019 – Ongoing

Finalise Angela’s Contract/Job description                                         Angela/Grant

Finer discussion re KR hours details/logistics                                     Angela/Roger

December 2018 – Ongoing

Look into Huts finances more in depth                                               Mags

14.       DONM

KF Full Board Meeting – Tuesday 2nd April 3-5pm

Community Directors Meeting – Monday 13th May 4pm