Knoydart Foundation

Community Directors Meeting

Held Monday 13th May 2019

Village Hall, 4pm – 6pm

Present:  Grant Holroyd (chair), Kristy Brown, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson

In Attendance:  Liz Tibbetts, Craig Dunn, Koa Bowyer, Hannah Bowyer

Minutes taken by:  Kristy Brown

1.          Apologies

            Frank Atherly, Margaret Duncan

2.         Declarations of interest

            Grant – KR & KFT

3.         Minutes of meeting

            11th March 2019 – Approved

4.         Matters Arising


5.         Bowyers Curtilage

Directors agreed to adopt the red line on the plan supplied by AG Bean, Charted Building Surveyor as the ownership boundary.  Because it is slightly different to the boundary on the deeds, it needs to be registered with the Land Register to make it official.  All agreed to put it on hold for a month or two until an agreement has been reached on the triangle of land in front of Koa’s cabin, so it can potentially be registered at the same time.  Bowyers to supply a written proposal for the outstanding triangle of land. ACTION Hannah/Koa (Koa and Hannah left the meeting).

6.         Staffing Plan

            Directors approved in principal Craig’s proposal to rationalise current office roles             to a      part time office administrator, to be advertised as soon as possible, and to       research a management accountants role.  Clarify available accommodation. ACTION Craig  (Liz arrived at meeting)

7.         Post Office

            Conclusion is that the providing this service would be financially marginal and if we          were to take it on it would be as a community service, not for financial reasons.  A         few more points questions need to be asked and a recommendation made.  ACTION     Liz/Craig  (Liz left the meeting)         

8.         Process for Elections

            Need to clarify procedures and deadlines.  ACTION Kristy

9.         Tendering of Accountancy and Insurance

            All agreed to put on hold.

10.       Trialling New Solicitor – John Leyshon

            Craig has identified a recommended and appropriate solicitor to trial on a few small        jobs, agreed by all.

11.       Complaint about Banners – Advertising Policy

            Complaint has been dealt with, we do not currently have an advertising policy.

12.       Piggeries/Caravan Application

            Having reviewed the sewage system we understand that a number of properties have their own septic tank and we believe we have adequate capacity for a new    house and a caravan.  ACTION Craig

13.       Facebook – agenda/minutes/live streaming

            For discussion at the next CD meeting.

14.       Right of Access – Harris

            Confirmation that the of right of access for Steph’s plot has been dealt with.

15.       Email Action

            No significant email action.

16.       Any Other Business


17.       Review of Action Points

                May – Current

            Written proposal for the outstanding triangle of land.  Hannah/Koa

            Staffing Plan/Clarify available accommodation.  Craig 

            Post Office recommendation.  Liz/Craig

            Election procedures/deadlines.  Kristy

            Caravan Application – reply regarding sewage.  Craig

            March – Ongoing

            Post Office/Trading discussion with Mags – Liz

            Hut consultation feedback – discuss with Amie – Craig

            New office budget implications to be considered – Mags

            Bank Mandate approval Finance Sub Committee 26th March – Mags

            Right of servitude request/define current ownership – Craig

            February 2019 – Ongoing

            Liaise with Mags and come up with budget for piggeries/caravan – Craig

14.       DONM

Community Directors Meeting – Monday 10th June, Hall @ 4pm