Present:  Grant Holroyd (chair), Kristy Brown, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson, Frank Atherly

In Attendance:  Craig Dunn, Koa Bowyer, Hannah Bowyer, Rhona Miller, Liz Tibbetts

Minutes taken by:  Kristy Brown

1.          Apologies


2.         Declarations of interest


3.         Minutes of meeting

            13th May 2019 – Approved

4.         Matters Arising

            a.  Bowyers Curtilage

            Directors agreed to recommend in principal to the Board that the proposed line to           the track be adopted  ACTION Craig.  Bowyers have a surveyor coming out with GPS            etc and will come back with the maps and due process.  ACTION Hannah/Koa 

            (Hannah, Koa and Rhona left the meeting)

5.         Stalkers

            Discussion regarding availability of the accommodation.

6.         Office Administrator

            Discussion regarding applications received so far and their queries regarding        accommodation.  Advertise locally for need of accommodation, push on with            planning permission for caravan at Piggeries  ACTION Craig.  Craig highlighted that        one of the applicants was advised of the job by a friend of his.  All agreed to move          forward with   the process and invite the applicants to interview in Knoydart              ACTION Craig.  All directors to read CV’s.  ACTION All

7.         New Office

            CMCK to finish a few jobs.

8.         Election Process

            Update the membership list for the next CD’s meeting to be approved.  Frank to   distribute the current list ACTION Frank.Keep in touch with Jane Reed regarding            election process ACTION Kristy.

9.         Updates

            a. Tracks – Helen Evemy has given Grant drafts to consider.  ACTION Grant

            b. Rural Housing Burden David Haynes – chase up documents he should have      received  ACTION Frank.

            c.  Bailey’s curtilage – ongoing

            d.  Plot West of Westfield – ongoing and possible tree survey to complete ACTION           Grant.

            (Liz entered meeting)

10.       Post Office

            All agreed to take forward on a trial.  The application requires effort and Trading is           the appropriate entity to apply, which they will discuss at their meeting ACTION Liz.  Craig willing to help with the application process if approved by KT.  Trading will        require an official lease from KF for the shop.

11.       Email Action

            No significant email action.

12.       Any Other Business

            a.  Councils – Frank has been touch with Mallaig Community Council who suggest the       formation of a Knoydart Community Council or to join up with the Small Isles.

            b.  Current Office – discussion regarding its possible use once office has moved.

            c.  Training/Sponsorship – discussion regarding the possibilities of training locals for        future jobs within KF.  Every time a job comes up, think of the skills locally and            encourage people to apply.

            d.  Triodos Bank Accounts – Need to process change of signatories to Triodos       Accounts.  Propose to the Full Board that KR should be Craig, Roger and Frank and KR should be Craig, Grant and Jane ACTION Craig.

17.       Review of Action Points

                June – Current

            Recommendation to Full Board re Bowyers curtilage – Craig 

            Map from surveyor and due process – Koa/Hannah

                Advertise for accommodation for office admin post – Craig

            Invite office admin post applicants to interview – Craig

            Read office admin CV’s – All

            Circulate membership list – Frank

            In touch with Jane Reed election process – Kristy

            Track draft agreements to consider – Grant

            Rural Housing Burden, DH, enquire outstanding document – Frank

            Plot West of Westfield, tree survey – Grant

            TriodosBank Accounts, signatories proposal to Full Board – Craig

                May – Ongoing

            Caravan Application, push on – Craig

            March – Ongoing

            Hut consultation feedback – discuss with Amie – Craig

            New office budget implications to be considered – Mags

            Bank Mandate approval Finance Sub Committee 26th March – Mags

            Right of servitude request/define current ownership – Craig

            February 2019 – Ongoing

            Liaise with Mags and come up with budget for piggeries/caravan – Craig

14.       DONM

            Full Board Meeting – Tuesday 18th June @ 3pm

Community Directors Meeting – Monday 8th July @ 4pm