Community Directors Meeting

08/07/19 Foundation Office


Grant Holroyd, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson

Also Present

Craig Dunn


Frank Atherley, Kristy Brown

Previous meeting’s Minutes


Declaration of Interest

None declared 

Matters arising

  1. KF Membership

Discussion on the election process, agreed that person external to the board needs to manage the process.

Agreed the membership list provided.

ACTION – Board Members –  find a volunteer to help with the membership ballot process

Agreed that CD to supervise this volunteer.

ACTION – CD – Find a ballot box

ACTION – CD – Check with Jane Reed what the process should be at the meeting regards ballot papers, counting, shredding, ensuring single ballot per person

ACTION – CD – ensure there’s a footer in the membership list “Verified at Community Directors Meeting 8th July 2019”

ACTION – CD – Send an email with rules to say that if you with to be a member then you must complete the attached form by the 17th July, 2019.  Send by 09/07/19.

Discussion on directors standing down.  The Boards understanding is there are three community directors that are standing down, Ian R, Frank A , Kristy B.

Ian R is prepared to offer himself for re-election if nominated.

4th September is the closing date for nominations.  Nominations will be sent to Jane Reed.

Agreed to put stamps on all letters in the nomination process.


CD apologized for not including this item in the last full board meeting.

ACTION – CD Ensure that the new boundary is minuted at the next full board meeting

ACTION – CD –  Send an email to all directors that there’s a change in boundary and if the new plan supplied by the Bowyers is suitable, we agree to the change.


CD/IR/KB recommended that we approach Pam Hill with a job offer.

ACTION – CD – Detail rationale behind why we chose her.

Accommodation – confirmed as Stalkers Bothy to be tied to the job.

ACTION – CD – Check wording for accommodation and contract.


Discussion on the garage proposal from CMCK.   Agreed in principal.  Discussion on what implications for the future use and access to the garage if CMCK Proposal was to go ahead.

ACTION -CD – to get back to Johann to say in principle we agree.


CD brought to the boards attention that a letter was received from Galloway Estates regarding a much reduced rental of the Airwave masts.  It was agreed further consultation is necessary with third parties before a response is made.

ACTION – CD – Speak to Scottish Land and Estates

  • Talbots Field and Millburn Cottage Plus Stable Cottage

CD asked the boards permission to approach the Scottish Land Fund to purchase Talbot’s field, Millburn cottage and Stable Cottage on behalf of the Foundation.  

The board agreed that an attempt should be made.

ACTION – IR – Approach Mr Talbot about acceptable price for whole land.

ACTION – CD – Dig out the valuation for Talbots field and Millburn.

ACTION – CD – Progress Stage 1

  • Minuted that we have Authorised Clements to give our financial information to EQ Accountants.

Email action.

Discussion on Roger Trussell relinquishing chair of Knoydart Renewables after taking the pipeline project to a successful stage.

GH- stated that renewables Directors are lacking in numbers.    Discussion on possible new directors. 

ACTION – Board – to provide ideas for who we believe we could approach that would be Directors that would be willing to work.



Create Debt procedure from AMBER that’s applicable for renewables and rent for buildings.   ACTION – CD

Next Meeting

12th of August, 2019