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Present:  Grant Holroyd (chair), Kristy Brown, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson, Frank Atherly

In Attendance:  Craig Dunn

Minutes taken by:  Kristy Brown

1.         Apologies


2.         Declarations of interest


3.         Minutes of meeting

            8th July 2019 – Approved

4.         Matters Arising


5.         Pink A- Frame Allocation

       Will be available at the end of August.  Publish that it is available and set deadline for applications  ACTION Craig.   Circulate allocation procedure/point system for refresher  ACTION Frank.

6.         Directors Knoydart Renewables

            Matt Humphries and Veronika Juranova agreed by all and confirmed as new         Directors.

7.         CMCK

            CMCK are moving out of the garage and require use of 2 bays in the big shed.       Agreed that there should be a review on lease per bay for all users.  ACTION Craig

8.         Election Progress

            Deadline to write to members is the 21st August.  2 new applications for membership but need to request both to provide evidence of being residence in Knoydart for 9 months over the last 12 month period.  ACTION Craig  Contact Jane Reed while in Knoydart for meeting regarding procedures.  ACTION Kristy

9.         Email Action


10.       Any Other Business

            a.         Update from Frank

                David Haynes plot sale has now been completed.

            – Plot West of Westfield, tree survey has been done but requires digital map ACTION       Frank/Grant

            b.         Piggeries Caravan Planning Application

            Everything on hold until the office position has been taken up at the end of August.

            c.         Payroll Review

            Received info back from KR company and now in Craig’s court, will deal with at the          end of August.

            d.         Line Management/Group Board

            Discussion regarding the intention of ‘One Board’ that the Operations Manager would work for and how this has not yet been followed through.  New Office Administrator will only be working for Craig and any requests of her time needs to go through him.  Discussion with Craig about his priorities and workload between 3 companies.  Currently he is confident of self managing with support from line manager but all agreed to review the need/or not to formalise ‘One Board’ structure in the next 1-3 months.  ACTION All/Craig  Request for Craig to draw out how he is working for all 3 companies/task management. ACTION Craig

            e.         Kate Forbes MSP Surgery – Wednesday 14th

Discussion of any possible KF issues to bring to Kate’s attention.  Wish to express thanks for all the work she has done on Knoydart’s behalf so far as it is appreciated.

f.          Signatories of Bank Accounts

Triodos accounts – Angela still completing this paperwork.  Bank of Scotland, Jane needs to be added to the mandate.  ACTION Kristy

g.         Johanns Plot

Craig has done GPS readings with Johann, approx 1/4 acre.

h.         Planning Permission

Planning permission for plot behind the big shed has come to attention.  Access and strip of land behind the shed of importance to KF, John Leyshon to be made aware.  Info to be sent to Grant/Craig.  ACTION Frank

            i.          Request from Fish Harm Contractors Gael Force

            Request to use 250m of the Long Beach for 108 days to repair fish farm cages and to accommodate 2 people in the bunkhouse for that period.  Possible substantial income but need to be assured of environmental protection, non-antisocial behaviour, work times etc.  Request work statement and negotiation of price.  ACTION Craig

17.       Review of Action Points

            August – Current

                Pink A Frame Allocation – set deadline & publish availability – Craig

            Circulate allocation procedure/point system – Frank.

            Review for Big Shed leases  – Craig

            New member applications – contact for evidence –  Craig 

            Arrange meeting with Jane Reed – Kristy

            Plot West of Westfield tree map – Frank/Grant

            Review need to formalise board structure in 1-3 months – All/Craig

            Task Management for all 3 companies – Craig

            BoS signatories – Kristy

            Info re planning permission on plot behind big shed – Frank

                Gael Force – work statement and price negotiation – Craig


            Find a volunteer to help with the membership ballot process  – All

            Ballot box  – Craig

            Footer in the membership list – Craig

Bowyer new boundary minuted at next board meeting  – Craig

Email all directors re Bowyers  – Craig  

Rationale to job offer to chosen candidate – Craig

Check wording for accommodation and contract – Craig

Contact Johan to agree in principal re shed- Craig

Approach Mr Talbot about acceptable price for whole land – Ian

Dig out the valuation for Talbots field and Millburn – Craig

Progress Stage 1 – Craig

Create Debt procedure from AMBER that’s applicable for KR and rent for buildings – Craig


            Recommendation to Full Board re Bowyers curtilage – Craig 

            Map from surveyor and due process – Koa/Hannah

            Track draft agreements to consider – Grant

            TriodosBank Accounts, signatories proposal to Full Board – Craig

                May – Ongoing

            Caravan Application, push on – Craig

            March – Ongoing

            Hut consultation feedback – discuss with Amie – Craig

            Right of servitude request/define current ownership – Craig

14.       DONM

            Full Board Meeting and AGM’s Wednesday 25th September – New Office