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Present:  Grant Holroyd (chair), Kristy Brown, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson

In Attendance:  Craig Dunn

Minutes taken by:  Craig Dunn

1.         Apologies

            Frank Atherley

2.         Declarations of interest


3.         Minutes of meeting

            Not discussed.

4.         Matters Arising


5.         Bowyers Boundary

CD presented updated plan and directors approved based on the following action.

ACTION CD – to check Bowyers boundary by walking the site and marking in the ground.  Ensure plan matches what’s on the ground.

6.         Pink A-Frame (Son-Rise) Allocation

            General discussion on the fact that only one applicant.

GH proposed that the applicant received the allocated property.

Unanimous agreement amongst the board.

ACTION – CD to inform applicant and then let the board know when this was done.

7.         Elections

GH – raised the question “Can someone who’s an employee of Trading couldn’t be a board member.?”

General discussion on interpretation amongst the group.

ACTION – CD – to ask for advice.  Craig to clarify what is written in Mem and Arts/

8.         Sale of Plot to Yasmine

GH informed the board that Jasmine sent in a completed application form and GH read through the points totalling.

GH asked the board to check his workings.

GH proposed that the board accept that Jasmine’s family be allowed to apply for a plot.

 Board agreed.

ACTION CD – Inform Jasmine that they have been approved to pursue a plot

9.            Craig’s pay. 

GH went over the scenario of how CD’s hours got over and CD asked for hours to be paid. 

Board agreed to a proposal by CD that half outstanding hours be paid.

Discussion on hours and approval of additional hours. 

Board agreed for GH to authorise up to 35 hours per week that these were to be pre-planned.  

ACTION – GH – to agree with Trading and Renewables to pay their share of outstanding hours.

10.       Emails 

CD confirmed that he believed Email was being overused currently

GH proposed a Protocol – be clear in emails who you’re copying people to.   

JD asserted that it’s easier to use the phone

ACTION – CD to circulate guidelines

11.          Millburn

CD brought the board up to speed on the possible purchase of Millburn and surrounding land.

There followed a general discussion on the benefits and intricacies of the purchase.

Board agreed we could go ahead with working group. 

GH asked that there is a statement to the community.   Looking for a working group, announcement. 

IR suggested wording for the statement. 

GH suggest having a discussion with the Forest Trust about funding and a partnership.

ACTION – CD to prepare statement for board approval.

12.       Any Other Business

14.       DONM

            Full Board Meeting and AGM’s Wednesday 25th September – New Office