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Grant Holroyd (Chair), Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Jane Davies, Ian Robertson
Also attending
Craig Dunn

  1. Declarations of interest
    GH – KFT, KR
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    Approved Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
    DA – asked for all documents be PDF’s prior to meeting
    Welcome to new Directors
    GH – welcomed two new Directors
    Nominate Chair
    DA proposed GH for chair, MA – Seconded GH for chair
    Foundation Operations
    GH – went through the current state of play of operations.
    DA – asked how to get access to lists of projects.
    GH – asked to gain access for himself.
    ACTION -CD – to give Board members access to project management system, Jira.
    JD – Asked if she had to save minutes etc. CD – Clarified minutes saved in the
    cloud and available for all to read.
    GH – explained shared file lists for different access to information and our
    own systems in terms of being sensible in use of Foundation email use and
    official communications.
    DA – When does LC and CD work in the office for access? CD Clarified CD and
    LC are in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the office being open from
    7a.m. to 5.00p.m. on those days.
    Charging of Craig’s time and Office time to two subsidiaries.
    GH – explained the history behind this change and the idea that each
    company would have a functional manager for managing time. With CD
    being allocated 7.5 hours to each of Renewables and Trading and Foundation
    taking up the rest of the hours in CD’s week.
    Discussion on how this would work.
    MA – asked about costs involved with the way we’re set up.
    MA – Louise question on her time will that be divvied up. CD – agreed there
    is work to do on this.
    ACTION LC – Update Timesheet with Foundation, Renewables and Trading
    JD – Made the point that the creation of the post office will take up more
    CD – Highlighted the saving from the EPOS system and the time saving.
    GH – Only the functional manager should give CD the tasks to attend to.
    DA – Are we agreed that GH will be the functional manager for Foundation.
    Board agreed.
    Monthly Finance Report Format
    CD presented the new monthly finance report format that the
    Foundation is working towards having live by the end of the year.
    JD – Asked whether Unallocated funds, allocated funds, etc. Can we
    get an up to date figure for that on a monthly basis
    ACTION – CD – speak to Amber about how we achieve this and what’s
    possible in the time up to the end of the year.
    DA – should we show salaries on there.
    GH – Add into the Notes what’s included.
    ACTION – Send figures we had at AGM to board.
    Garage Operations proposal from Bob
    Discussed Bob’s proposal.
    IR – went through what needs done to the garage and the key system
    that’s been there in the past.
    JD – Asked if an annual subscription would work?
    GH – if that would be the case members would sign to agree to the
    rules of subscription.
    IR – Proposed that the garage is a great, essential facility.
    MA – Questioned who is legally responsible for use of equipment.
    GH – Proposed that the Foundation only rents the space
    IR – Offered to speak to Bob Wright to discuss a plan. This was
    GH – proposed getting a combination lock for now and giving it only
    to people who wish to use the garage.
    DA – At the end of October DA will look for funding.
    ACTION – DA investigate funding for an organisation for Garage.
    CMCK Directorship offered to CD
    CD – Highlighted a potential conflict of interest.
    GH – Advised that CD couldn’t “have a conversation with yourself” between
    CMCK and Foundation – must copy someone in.
    DA – Advised that CD would always have to minute a declaration of interest.
    Approved by board.
    Valuation Joint Board – Do we offer a settlement, or do we fight the case?
    GH – Asked about period of bill.
    GH – Can we get paid for the improvement to the habitat we’re making.
    Income from Deer management, meat sales and guests. Where is the income
    for habitat improvement?
    MA – Stalking moved from Trading to Land Management – Because it became
    eligible for grant assistance.
    GH – Speak to Jacqui at Kilchoan about rates.
    GH – Percentage of the amount should be recovered from KFT due to
    relationship. A big chunk of that is woodland.
    ACTION -CD – Speak to more people to get a decision.
    MA – Asked what would happen if we didn’t do the stalking with guests.
    IR – Believe stalking on it’s own has never paid.
    GH – We are getting a reputation for doing it well. Park for a further agenda.
    Woodland is all fenced and there is zero tolerance policy.
    DA – We need to do more research. Not set a precedence by paying the full
    amount at the moment so that we have no recourse upon the receipt of further
  4. Emails
  5. Any Other Business
    Millburn update – CD gave an update on possible Millburn purchase.
    GH – Informed DA and MA that every second Monday of every month is the CD
    ACTION CD – will send invite
  6. DONM
    11th of November