Grant Holroyd, Morag Anderson, Denise Atherley, Jane Davies


Ian Robertson

Also Present

Craig Dunn, Louise Costello, Fiona Lennie

Declarations of Interest

GH – Yasmine and Toms plot and Forest Trust

Minutes of Previous Meeting


Matters Arising

Financial Update – New Format Report

LC and CD took the board through the dashboard and financial figures and took questions from those present.

MA – Asked if the figures were based on Issue of Invoices or on payment.

LC – Confirmed that the figures for sales invoices were on issue because these are the bills we raised and purchases invoices on payment.

ACTION – CD – Verify where Amber fees are. Add up columns..

DA asked a question about “LM Rebilled” entry on P&L from AGM.  CD Confirmed it was Landrover Use.

Deer Forest Update

CD Confirmed that we have it in writing that we are not to be charged for Deer Forest Rates.

Yasmine and Tom’s Plot – next stage

GH – Clarified at what stage they are at.

DA – Can asked if they could apply if they’re not members.

CD – Confirmed that they were members

Discussion on which version of form to use in future.

ACTION – DA – Email a copy of the latest plot purchase housing policy document.

ACTION – CD to print and sign as confirmed as approved at meeting 11/11/19, scan and file in a suitable Master Copy Policy Folder

GH – Next step to go to a formal consultation about the suitability of the plot. In the past we sent a message to everyone.   What’s the best system? 

CD – SurveyMonkey is the best solution for speed and reporting.

GH – Can we decide on the questions to go out?

MA – Do we have to do it?

GH – Confirmed that this is the policy.  So we have to do a formal consultation.

DA – Do we name the applicants?

GH – No as we’re assessing the site not the person.  Grant proposed the following

ACTION – CD send question to Board for comments

Group Disciplinary Update for new Directors

Discussion on new roles for new Directors.

Agreed that Denise to replace Frank as the Chair , Morag to replace Kristy on the Disciplinary Panel.

Deed of Servitude Kilchoan Estate – GH

GH – Confirming with the board that FA is acting on behalf of the Foundation for negotiating the deed of servitude for the pipe and that FA has authority to instruct Anderson and McArthur in relation to the deed of servitude.  

Board approved.

ACTION – CD – To forward minute to Kyle?

Garage Use – DA

DA – Grant funding mostly for startups.   We’re not eligible for funding.  KCA may be more eligible.

GH – Why would the KF not be eligible compared to KCA?

DA – Could a group get together to put a business proposal.

ACTION – CD – put on agenda for next month.

GH – Need someone to look after it.

MA – What about Tyree? Nigel?

MA – Could we add an Advert – for newsletter

DA – Can we put document past insurers?  Presented document to sign.

General chat on insurance.

DA – We need to make sure we’re  not liable.

GH – Write to the current users. We’re concerned, we are exposed, we are considering closing the garage – we’re looking for someone to lease it out.

ACTION – DA – Put together a document for putting out to the community.

A-Frame – Ideas for allocation

CD – Does the board want us to put the A-Frame back up for allocation?

GH – Chat to Renewables about switching on the heating and the lights.  Could rent it to Cara?

GH – Volunteers? 

LC – Combine with Stalking.

DA – Sit on it for now.

Board – Agreed not to put up for allocation.

MA – Can we holiday let it and make some money?

GH – Might put us in the same situation when we need accommodation.

ACTION – CD – To put news out to community that accommodation is available

Natural Burial Ground Proposal – FL

FL – went through the explanation of natural burial ground and the benefits. 

DA – flooding, climate change, how does that effect it?

FL – Might effect planning.

JD – thinks it’s a wonderful idea and is there a selection of sites that could be reserved, can we ask the community.  Great way to preserve an area.

FL – Great that land can still be used.  GPS location needed for legality.

GH – Agreed no objections.  Is the site proposed suitable?  Who gets to be buried in this place?  How much do we charge?    With the goal of putting a proposal to the community.      

ACTION – FL – Send an email asking for things to go on the todo list before it goes out to the community.

MA – Who’s going to foot the bill for the planning and fencing etc.?

Procedure for Accepting Policy Documents – CD

CD – Who decides what becomes a policy- when is it approved?

GH – Depends on what it is.

Board agreed, common sense to be used.

ACTION – CD – Send through latest version of Directors pack.  Get a paper copy printed out.

Manitoba – Update – CD

CD gave an update on situation with upgrading Manitobas.  Do we go ahead to next stage all being well with tenants?

GH – Depends on the funding and if we have to pay the VAT.

ACTION – CD – send through scanned version of recommendation.

ACTION – CD – to send through list of tasks and how we would raise the money.  How high up on the list should this be.

GH – Is there anyone who could do this?

Millburn Update – CD

CD updated on current situation with Millburn. Meeting with Scottish land fund on the 19th of November.


Any Other Business

Caravan DA – Asked for an update CD provided.  Now with council for decision.

Date of Next Meeting

9th December,