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3:00p.m. – 5:00pm, 14/07/2020
Present: GH/IW/JD/RW/MA/AH Via Teleconference
In attendance: CD via Teleconference
Minutes Taken By: CD
Apologies: DA – IR – Arriving later.
Voluntary Redress Fund – Hydro Scheme
Minutes of Previous Meeting: Proposed by IW and Seconded by MA
Declarations of Interest: Full Board on Constitution point 3
Matters Arising:

  1. Operations Manager Update
    CD gave Operations Manager update covering Covid Management, Immediate Future and New Website.
  2. Memberships
    a. List of new applications
    Craig Dunn, Audrey Dunn, Louise Costello, Josh Gilbert, Jo Firminger, John Cocker, Frey Holroyd, Kira Holroyd, Matt Humphrey – Approved Subject to checks.
    . Agree removals
    Agreed to send a letter to a List of names to remove from membership and ask if we are mistaken that they are no longer resident.
    a. Agree new list
    a. Approve list based on last years list minus list of removals. And adding new people. DA to meet with CD Wednesday.
    IR and DA joined the call and we revisited point 2.
  3. Proposing Changes to Constitution
    a. Why we’re making the changes.
    Proposal to accept that changes are required. Agreed by the board.
    ACTION – RW – Understands the need and will need to discuss with Chief Executive that he’s happy and can approve.
    ACTION – AH – Check with Council that he can approve the changes.
    IW – Happy to agree to the changes.
    Proposal to continue with the new constitution with 5 community members, keep HC and JMT and drop Chris Brasher Trust, 2 vacant spaces to co-op or Junior director.
    Agreed by the board.
  4. Des’ Rural Burden Application
    Board happy with decision to send letter based on wording from Community Directors meeting.
  5. Eligibility Criteria for Rural Burden
    ACTION – DA and MA to bring it more into line with the HSCHT policy.
  6. Update on Westfield Given by CD
  7. Update on Millburn purchase Given by CD
    Possible EGM before AGM.
    AGM 22nd September, 2020