Knoydart Foundation
Community Directors Meeting
Monday 10th August 4:00 p.m. 2020

Attending Via Tele Conf: Grant Holroyd (GH) Chair, Jane Davies (JD), Morag Anderson (MA), Iain Robertson (IR), Denise Atherley (DA).
Also Attending: Craig Dunn (CD), Louise Costello (LC)
Minutes taken by: Louise Costello (LC)
Declarations of Interest: MA & DA in relation to point 3.
Approval of Previous Minutes: Amendment to the correct wording point 1a – It appears from evidence recently received that at the time of filling in your eligibility criteria that you were not eligible for a plot. The Directors are minded therefore to refuse your application on that basis. Correct the spelling of Matt’s surname. Apologies from DA to MA and IR for not arranging a meeting agreed in the last meeting.
. Matters Arising:

  1. Millburn update
    a. Update Discussions with HSCHT to board
    CD Gave an update to the board on the status of the Millburn project.
    Further community engagement is on the 13th August.
    Two people from HSCHT came over to inspect the land around Millburn and both Manitoba’s plus Farm Bothy.
    The business plan for the project takes 4 weeks, CD in discussions with HSCHT for the finances to build and renovate.
    The business plan will include all Knoydart Foundation properties.
    Feedback sent to the community (119) on the 5th Aug.
    John McDonald sent a letter to KF o apologise for the error he made on the CRtB and Millburn.
    Action: CD – Contact the neighbours surrounding Millburn to chat through options.
  2. Constitution Update
    a. Do we agree to split the updates to extend the consultation process for CRtB
    Board agreed to split the consultation process on Constitution changes to Millburn only changes then CRtB changes.
    It was noted that CIS will be giving a talk on Community Land Ownership in the hall.
    As part of the consultation we are to look at how non-residents are to be included for membership.
    b. Do we agree to the proposed timeline
    Board agreed to the extension to the consultation on CRtB and that it will recommence September 2020 with aim to complete March 2021
    The aim is for the directors to decide on/if there will be a changes to the articles to incorporate CRtB.
  3. Stalkers Allocation
    A separate meeting was agreed, to be held at the end of CD’s meeting.
    ACTION – CD – The contract to be sent to our legal department to check over the details, due to this rental only being on a temporary basis.
  4. Website Feedback from Directors
    Very positive feedback. A few amendments still to be made.
    CD asked if anyone had any photo’s/info that could be added to the website.
    Covid-19 update given on the Bunkhouse.
    Action: CD to monitor the campsite and update if necessary, any problems.
  5. Membership Update
    a. Have memberships been verified from previous meeting
    DA not verified due to data protection. An email has been sent to everyone informing them of the situation and asked them to contact the election register direct.
    b. Should we agree a new list of members (members 75)
    New membership agreed by the board
    Danny Gorman
    Lewis Robb
    Heather Robb
    Josh Gilbert
    Approved subject to usual checks.
    Election preparation has been started.
    AGM date to be confirmed.
    Action – CD – check with Rory regarding the timing of the AGM
    Action – DA – Chase new members for confirmation of election register
    Action – CD – removal of old members.
    Following a lengthy discussion of Matt Humphrey’s email, it was agreed by all directors to include his comments with everyone else’s at the consultation. It was also agreed that GH (Chair) would reply to Matt informing him of their decision.
    Any Other Business
    No financial update mentioned – CD gave brief update.
    Action: CD -Upload updated financial report today.
    All – SLF – items to consider, read before Wednesday
    Date of Next Meeting TBC