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Last Thursday saw part of our community consultation on the proposed purchase of Millburn and associated lands. The event started at Millburn Cottage and field where we walked the land. Then it moved to the community hall where people had the opportunity to ask questions of Highland Small Communities Housing Trust and the Knoydart Foundation.

Thanks to all who took part.

The consultation included the opportunity for folks to pin their ideas on what we could use the land for.

These are listed below in no particular order.

Woodland Croft

Small holdings


Sell a plot or 2

Put cash towards building holiday houses/pods etc as income stream for the KF


Food Production

Bring new families in

Cemetery in woods

Affordable housing

Great opportunity not to be wasted.  Ensure use is sustainable.

Rent to buy homes.

Shared Equity Plots

Mini-Hydro Research Scheme off Millburn burn

Support idea to turn Millburn in to two cottages.

Don’t sell plots on the open market



Petting Farm


Small Crofts

Split Cottage into 3 Houses

Explore old mill ruins and don’t put housing on this area if significant

New Bunkhouse

Bunkhouse Warden Flat

Housing along back edge of main field

Eco Builds

Roundhouses for renting to residents and educational retreats

Heritage Centre

Pods for activity stuff in the woods

Energy diversity

Community Farm Enterprise

Could anything be done to support ageing population

Investigate Millburn cottage and use as focus for heritage development

House sites behind original cottage

Space for museum

Information Centre

Learning Centre / Hub for Renewables

Short Term rental accommodation for workers

Divide field and lease for food/animals

Crafting Workshop Areas to rent