Knoydart Foundation
Community Directors Meeting
Monday 14th September 4:30 p.m. 2020
Attending Via Tele Conf: GH/IR/JD
Apologies: DA, MA
Also Attending: CD
Minutes taken by: CD
Declarations of Interest:
Approval of Previous Minutes:
Approved by Board
Matters Arising:

  1. Financial Update
    a. Dashboard
    ACTION – CD – Put staffing issues on the agenda and give an update.
    B. Draft Accounts
    ACTION – CD – Send Draft accounts to whole board.
    ACTION – CD – Send notice of AGM for Wednesday 21st October.
    ACTION – CD – Confirm who stands down.
    ACTION – CD – Confirm Jane Reid
  2. Millburn update
    a. Legal agreement in place
    b. Possible visit
    ACTION – CD – Check if HSCHT is paying for this
  3. Constitution Update
    a. Process for voting on September 22nd.
    b. Proxy Voting process
    ACTION – CD – Send an email that they can vote via proxy and encourage people to do so
    c. Process on the day
    ACTION – CD – Get a trial run set up 5:30 Wednesday.
    ACTION – CD – Ask Steph to do the technology.
    ACTION – CD – Get two people to have lists of membership and tick off participants and votes
    ACTION – CD – Put up a web page – old constitution and new constitution.
    d. Process for second stage
    ACTION – CD – Confirm the questions. Compose email to Scottish Land and Estates, Dave Thomson and Richard Martin
    e. Membership Update
    Sam Easson and Sam Gardener approved subject to checks
    ACTION – CD – Provide hard copy version Unique File Name. Deleted Names remain on the list with “Removed” Next to them.
  4. HIE Conversation
    Millburn, Manitobas, Huts.
    Boat, Freight Service, Care workers, Home helps? Courses.
  5. Venison Production
    a. Upgrading larder
    b. Selling Venison locally
    c. Agreement with KT
    ACTION – CD – Draw up lease for Larder.
  6. Response to J.P.
    JP has conversationally approached us and offered to sell the pub to the KF. The board has discussed it.
  7. Housing Plan inc. Manitobas/Farm Bothy
    On Back burner until Morven from HSCHT comes back from holiday.
  8. Move Lawyer
    Agreed to move the Lawyer for Rural Housing Burden work.
    JD left the meeting
    a. Title Deeds
    ACTION – CD – Does JL need the complete title deeds to do the job of Rural Housing Burdens? Can we do something quicker to get Johann’s plot sold.
    ACTION – CD – Follow up with Denis Rixon on archiving
  9. Ultramarathon proposal
    ACTION – AD – Ensure that BTU are aware that it’s their responsibility to discuss it with other land owners.
    Discuss it with the community – suggested through the community council.
    ACTION – AD – Can the board see a proposal from them.
  10. Knoydart Retreats Film
    ACTION – CD – to negotiate the location fee.
    Any Other Business

  11. Date of Next Meeting
    22nd September, 2020