Knoydart Foundation


Monday 21st, October, 5:30 p.m. 2020 via Teleconf

Members present:          Grant Holroyd (Chair), Allan Henderson, Ian Robertson, Morag Anderson, Jane Davies, Denise Atherley, Davie Newton, Craig Dunn, Liz Tibbetts, Frank Atherley,  Jacqui Robertson, Lorna Schofield, Steve Brook, Audrey Dunn, Freya Holroyd, Kira Holroyd, Martin Davies, Lewis Robb, Jackie Wallace,  Josh Gilbert, Andy Tibbetts

Also Present:                                   Kirsten Harris

Minutes taken by:                         Craig Dunn

Apologies:                                        Drew Harris, Iain Wilson, Richard Williams,

1. Approval of Minutes from 2019 AGM

MA Proposed

JW Seconded

2. Matters arising from minutes


3. Annual Report presentation

Thanks to AW for long and dedicated service.

Thanks to LC and CD for picking up the reigns

Thanks to all staff, volunteers, directors and community for ongoing support.

4. Adoption of Annual Report

               Adopted by the members

5. Presentation of Accounts

IR proposal adopting Accounts

DN seconding accounts

6. Adoption of Annual Accounts

               Members adopted the accounts

7. Appointment of Auditors/Independent Examiner

Propose EQ as Accountants

JD Seconded

Members approved appointment of EQ accountants

8. Election/Appointment of Board members/Office bearers

Thanks to JD for her work

JD thanked the board and the members and that she enjoyed her time

Welcome to Sam Gardener

Thanks to Iain Wilson – everyone thanked Iain for his long service.

9. Motions to be put to the board

10. AOB

DA – Thanks to GH for all hard work.

11. Closing Remarks