Knoydart Foundation
Community Directors Meeting
Monday 21st, October, 4:00 p.m. 2020
Attending Via Tele Conf: GH (Chair), JD, MA, DA, AH, IR
Also Attending: CD
Apologies: IW, RW
Minutes taken by: CD
Declarations of Interest:
Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of previous meeting approved
Matters Arising:

  1. Membership Policy Update
    a. Membership Guidance Notes for the Board
    b. Constitution Questions Answered by Rory Dutton
    The board recognises a flaw in the constitution that makes it difficult to remove members that no longer meet the criteria.
    Proposed that proposed solutions to the flaw is added to the consultation over the next six months
    Agreed by the board.
    Question on Insolvency and Membership. Proposed that solutions to this are included in the six month consultation also.
    c. Approval of the Membership Form – Rewording of Last Paragraph
    Board Agreed to RD’s change to the Form.
    ACTION – CD – Tidy up and distribute to board for approval as board approved subject to this single change. i.e. rewording
    “so that the applicant off his/her own back undertakes in the application that they will tender their resignation in
    writing if their circumstances change so that they no longer meet the membership criteria.”
    ACTION – CD – Guidance notes need to be appended.
    d. Approve Membership List
    Sam Gardener documentation received and approved.
    Philp and Helen Evemy Approved as Members
    ACTION – CD – Send new application form to Denise To send to Toby
    ACTION – CD – Talk to MH about his evidence and send an email to confirm the need
    ACTION – DA – To send application form to Roland and Bettina.
    The board wish to make it clear that eligibility for KF membership does NOT mean eligibility for the RHB plot scheme and that the RHB scheme is closed to applicants until we have reviewed the eligibility criteria.
    The Directors are in the unfortunate circumstances of having to make a decision on whether or not people meet the criteria for membership.
    It was proposed to ask people who’s membership is in question for further information on their evidence for meeting the criteria. Using the same wording in the new membership application form.
  2. Grievance Procedure
    The board agreed that a reviewed grievance procedure is necessary.
    ACTION – ALL – Read the grievance procedure received from HR Dept and feedback
  3. Whistleblower Procedure
    ACTION – ALL – Read the Whistleblower procedure received from HR Dept and feedback.
  4. Huts Business Plan Draft
    Discussion on the proposal.
    ACTION – All – Read and feedback.
  5. Any Other Business
    Septembers minutes need approved.
    ACTION – CD – Put on next agenda.
  6. Date of Next Meeting
    9th November, 2020