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Knoydart Foundation
Community Directors Meeting
Monday 23rd November 5:30 p.m. 2020
Attending Via Tele Conf: Grant Holroyd, Ian Robertson, Denise Atherley,
Apologies: Morag Anderson, Sam Gardener
Also Attending: Craig Dunn
Minutes taken by: Craig Dunn
Declarations of Interest:

DA – Neighbour of proposed huts location.

Huts Proposal Responses
A discussion took place between those attending regarding the responses to the Huts consultation.
Further discussion took place on alternative locations for the huts.
Further discussion on alternative ways of utilizing the fund
ACTION – CD – To send funding documentation to directors.
ACTION – ALL – to read documentation and meet on Tuesday to agreed a revised proposal.
ACTION – GH – to find out of mobile huts is a viable option.
The board had a discussion on what KF’s role should be.

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 24th November @ 5.00 p.m