Knoydart Foundation
Community Directors Meeting
Monday 27th November 4:00 p.m. 2020
Attending Via Tele Conf: Grant Holroyd, Ian Robertson, Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Sam Gardener
Apologies: Allan Henderson, Richard Williams
Also Attending: Craig Dunn
Minutes taken by: Craig Dunn
Declarations of Interest:
Matters Arising:

Discussion on Millburn and agreement by the board on what next steps need to happen.
ACTION – CD – to send email to community with good news about acquiring funding on Monday 30/11/20 as soon as allowed by SLF

Latest feedback from community was discussed.
Board agreed that preferred contractor would be Toby.
Board agreed to temporary planning application at Millburn after the sale has gone through.
Board agreed to build 3 moveable units that will more than likely be sited at Millburn for at least the first year.
Board agreed that specific location at Millburn needs further consideration.

Future Consultations
The board agreed that the process of future consultations needs looking at in order to improve the process and build trust within the community.

Any Other Business
Date of Next Meeting

Monday 14thth December @ 5.00 p.m