Community Directors Meeting
Held on 8th of March 2021 at 4.00 p.m.
Attending Via Tele Conf: Denise Atherley (Chair), Morag Anderson, Ian Robertson, Sam Gardener,
Richard Williams
Also Attending: Craig Dunn, Tom Dalziel, Danny Gorman
Minutes taken by: Craig Dunn
Declarations of Interest:
IR – Trading
CD – Both Working Groups
DA – Housing Burden Plots Friendship
Approval of Minutes:
IR – Proposed
MA – Seconded
Matters Arising:

  1. Financial Update
    a. Cashflow and bank accounts
    CD – Gave a brief update on cashflow and current financial position.
    ACTION – CD – to suggest a date for Strategy/Finance Meeting for next week.
    ACTION – CD – To send email to all directors to confirm rent rises.
  2. Policies and Procedures
    a. Johann Liebenberg – RHB plot sale disposition
    ACTION – ALL – Read the disposition.
    ACTION – DA – Send email with questions that need agreement on.
    ACTION – CD – Ask John Leyshon for wording of minute for meeting.
  3. Membership Applications
    a. New Membership applications for consideration
    Will O’Neil – membership accepted.
    Kirstin Harris – membership accepted.
    ACTION – CD to send letter confirming membership
  4. Projects
    a. Updates on Existing
    CD Gave a update on all projects.
  5. Wee Hooses
  6. Bunkhouse
  7. Constitution
    ACTION – CD – Organise separate board meeting before the end of the Month.
  8. Millburn
  9. Housing Plan
  10. RHB PlotsThe Knoydart Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland No SC026246.
    Foundation Office, Inverie, Mallaig, PH41 4PL
    T: 01687 462242
    i. DM Response
    ACTION – CD – Draft a response for circulation to board to agree/adapt with
    comments outlining current situation and response from our lawyer offering
    the said person the opportunity to respond. Letter to be forwarded to our
    ii. MA’s – Documents for discussion – DA thanked MA for taking on this task and
    apologized for not having been able to support her.
    ACTION – CD – Send round documents.
    ACTION – Board – send comments by end of Play Thursday 11th March, if not
    already done so.
    ACTION – CD – Set a one item agenda meeting.
    ACTION – CD – After the one item meeting and board decision on the policy
    and criteria pass the full document to our lawyer to look over it before it
    goes to the full board.
  11. Larder Lease
  12. Huts and Caravan Lease
  13. One Page Strategy – this will link in with discussions at the finance/strategy meeting
  14. Working Groups
    a. Millburn
    SG – Gave a high level overview of progress as working group chairman
    DG – Gave further detail on roles and progress at the meetings.
    Board thanked – SG and DG and LS for their work.
    b. Regenerate Knoydart
    TD – Gave an overview of roles and progress
    Board thanked – TD and the rest of the working group for their hard work.
  15. Any Other Business
    a. Burial Ground – FL
    Approved email to go out by the board.
    b. Friends of Loch Hourn support request – IW
    Board happy to support – ACTION – GH – If chair is happy to do so, write a supporting
    c. Registers of Interest
    ACTION – CD – Send a link round directors
    d. HR Service
    ACTION – Board – Continue conversation of whether or not to continue our current HR
    ACTION – CD – Send to board the current contract.
    e. Trading – Agree by board that they could remove and internal door and separate wall.
    f. Rural Housing Plot Interest –
    ACTION – CD – Put on record that a member of the community has expressed an
    interest in a plot, however, we are not currently proceeding due to the policy and
    criteria being updated but will notify the person concerned when we recommence
    the process.The Knoydart Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland No SC026246.
    Foundation Office, Inverie, Mallaig, PH41 4PL
    T: 01687 462242
    Date of Next Meeti