6.00 p.m. 5th April 2021
Attending Via Tele Conf:
Grant Holroyd (Chair), Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Sam Gardener, Ian
Robertson, Allan Henderson
Also Attending:
Craig Dunn
Minutes taken by:
Craig Dunn
Declarations of Interest:
Approval of Minutes:
Matters Arising:

  1. Directors Workload Management
    There was a discussion on excessive director and staff workload.
    A discussion took place on the draft strategy going forwards.
    Top 3 Priorities agreed as
  2. Strategy (Our mission is to develop a sustainable financial model based on
    community, climate change and biodiversity.
  3. HR (Multiple aspects)
  4. Housing (Including Millburn, Current and future Rural Housing Burdens)
    The board agreed to give a two-tier system a trial. A top tier of 3 top priority projects
    and a reserve list of projects.
  5. Rural Housing Burden Plots discussion
    The board greed that we require community agreement that we wish to increase the
    population and that it may come through CHT proposals.
    ACTION – CD – Circulate CHT Documents to Board for feedback.After discussion on six key topics for discussion on the Rural Housing Burdens it was
    agree to incorporate the RHB review into the priority project on Housing.
    Date of Next Meeting
    Monday 12/04/21