Community Directors Meeting
4.00 p.m. 12th April 2021
Attending Via Tele Conf:
Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Ian Robertson, Sam Gardener, Allan Henderson
Also Attending: Craig Dunn
Apologies: Richard Williams
Minutes taken by: Craig Dunn
Declarations of Interest: MA declaration of interest on Track at Lavinia
Minutes for 08/03/2021, 24/03/2021 and 05/04/2021 were all approved.
Matters Arising:
IH- called for nominations for interim chair.
IR – Proposed Denise
MA – Seconded
The board expressed its deepest sympathy to Grant Holroyd after a family bereavement.

  1. Strategy Update – Next Steps
    Board agreed to a single item meeting in the near future
    AH – looking into Covid Funding to help with the Strategy.
    Action – CD – To arrange a meeting date.
  2. HR – Next Steps
    Meeting with CD and DA on 13/4 at 4.00 p.m.
  3. Housing
    a. CHT – Review Proposal
    Next steps
    The board are awaiting further information from CHT.
    b. RHB criteria and management
    Next steps?
    Discussion occurred on possible next steps.
    Board agreed to set up a 1 hour meeting focused on RHB.
    A suggestion to look at two types of scheme, one for those on Knoydart and one off Knoydart. ACTION – CD – to pursue with CHT.
    ACTION – CD – Six points on sheet for comments.
    ACTION – CD – Schedule a meeting on this
  4. Review our Priority list to see if anything needs moving up or down
    Board decided to wait in outcome of DA and CD’s discussion to decide on priority list.
    James Hilder
    ACTION – CD – Set up a zoom Meeting with James Hilder with the board
    AH Left the meeting.
    Track re-route at Lavinia Cottage
    Board agreed that Retrospective Planning would be ok in order to facilitate the need by Knoydart Renewables
    Net Shed Area – Plan for tidying up
    ACTION – CD – to speak to Steve and Bob
    ACTION – CD – to message Jo, to say sorry
    Who represents KF on the ESP Stakeholder group.
    MA Volunteered to take on the role and was agreed by the board.
    Date of Next Meeting
    ACTION – CD – Look at new date for next board meeting