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Minutes 17th May, 2021

Community Directors Meeting

Attending in person: Grant Holroyd (Chair), Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Ian Robertson.

Attending Via Tele Conf: Allan Henderson, Sam Gardener

Also Attending: Craig Dunn

Minutes taken by: CD

Declarations of Interest:


IR – Trading

Approval of Minutes:

DA asked if updated housing plan would be available

Minutes approved from April 12th

Matters Arising:

  1. Financial Update

A brief financial update was provided and P&L for three companies

ACTION – IR – Could shop open on Sunday IR to take up with Trading Board.

ACTION – CD – To ensure EQ deliver a quarterly report and summary for current and future quarterly meetings.

  • Projects Update
    • Current Priorities


Proposal to accept James Hilder as our mentor to help us run things better so we don’t go back to the way we were working.

Board agreed that James Hilder to be the person to take it forwards.

ACTION – CD to contact Ian Philp about project officer progress.

ACTION – CD – Set up a meeting, preferably in person and as soon as possible.


ACTION – CD – Follow up with two HR companies and Allan Sears to compare service offering.

Current Issue –

ACTION – DA – Will send out update to Directors on 18th May.


RHB – Nothing happened since last meeting.

ACTION – CD – ask for James Hilder if he can help with this process.

  • Other projects

Board agreed that we are no longer employing a Ranger but are providing a Ranger Service involving more than one individual.

  • Millburn Working Group

Board agreed the Vision and Objectives of the working group.

  • West of Westfield sale

ACTION – CD – to get back to board after information received from John Leyshon.

  • Gin Distillery response

ACTION – CD – Get back to Ian Philp. We’d be interested to look at any well thought through proposal.

  • Airwave Mast response

Updated board on current position.  Meeting arranged for 26th May with all parties.

  • Kyle Smith application

ACTION – CD – to get back to Kyle with message along the lines of “Your application was received very favorably.    Unfortunately our RHB scheme is paused at the moment but we will endeavour to unpuase and give a decision on eligibility by End of June 2019.”

ACTION – CD – to look at date for RHB Criteria meeting.

  • Joined up thinking with KR on increasing KR revenue

Board Agreed to work with KRL and that it ought to be considered with the proposed Project Officer role.


There was a discussion about the proposed registration and board agreed to go ahead with the proposal.


CD’s email regarding HR issue.

Board thanked CD for his email

Board agreed that DA will take the response to this email forwards.

Email from Ian Dow – Board agreed DA to word a response and forward to Directors for approval prior to sending. 

Email from Amie Dow regarding the container – DA explained that this has been responded to and an email clarifying the situation has been received. 

Date of Next Meeting

15th of June