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Community Directors Meeting
4.00 p.m. 24th May 2021
In Community Hall
Attending in person: Grant Holroyd (Chair), Denise Atherley, Morag Anderson, Same Gardener, Ian Robertson
Attending Via Tele Conf:
Also Attending: Craig Dunn
Minutes taken by:
Apologies: Richard Williams, Allan Henderson
Declarations of Interest:
Approval of Minutes:
Matters Arising:

  1. Rural Housing Burden Eligibility Criteria – To review the eligibility form with a view of un-pausing the Rural Housing Burden Scheme.
    The board discussed the reasons as to why we were reviewing the Eligibility Criteria Form.
    A discussion followed on the part the Form played in the Rural Housing Burden scheme.
    It was agreed by the board that any suggested improvements that weren’t applicable to the form but may be applicable to the burden and the policy documents would be set aside for future discussion.
    The board discussed each part of the form in turn along with suggested improvements to the form.
    This included
    • Adding a column to the Initial Eligibility section to say Yes/No to whether the applicant is eligible of not.
    • Add a column for Knoydart Foundation to make comments against each point.
    • Add a section where the applicant can add in information about themselves to help the board come to a decision. This will include guidance including current housing situation and any benefits they could bring to the community.
    After discussion the board agreed to a new format for the Eligibility Criteria Form.
    A discussion followed on the handling of existing plot. It was agreed to send out the new form along with the existing RHB policy and burden.