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Draft Minutes

Community Directors Meeting via zoom and the Display Room.

4.00 p.m. 12th July 2021


G. Holroyd (GH), I. Robertson (IR), M. Anderson (MA), S. Gardener (SG)

Present via Zoom:

D. Atherley (DA)


R. Williams, A. Henderson, C. Dunn

Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were approved subject to the following :

  • the version number of the most recent RHB eligibility criteria being added and that KF reserve the right to make changes/update policy and guidance
  • KF decided that no further action would be taken with respect to the house plot compensation claim received from A. Dow. Following the receipt of an email dated 4th June 2021 from A. Dow stating that they “have given up the plot at Sawmill and will no longer be building there” KF Directors are now able to reopen the RHB scheme with Sawmill Wood plot available.

Action: C. Dunn to update minutes.

Membership list:

Membership was list was approved as per last meeting but minutes need to state that letters would go to Amy and Ian Dow, Des Marshall and Joanne Day

Action: C. Dunn to update minutes.

Meeting of 12th July :

Priority List  –

1. Strategy – J. Hilder was not able to attend the meeting ,  GH to arrange a separate date for Directors to meet with him.

2. HR – on the agenda

3. Housing – Action: C. Dunn to collate and distribute feedback from the Housing Plan Consultation

Items for Decision

  1. HR Services Comparison

C. Dunn prepared a comparison table for Directors to consider. Following recent discussions it was thought appropriate for C. Dunn to meet with the three Chairs and DA to compare offers, discuss and make a decision asap.

Action: C. Dunn to arrange this meeting asap and provide information received for the Chairs to consider.

2. Rural Housing Burden

At the beginning of this item it came to light that there were now four applications although the Smith family one was all that Directors had seen to date. The other applications are from C & A Dunn, B. Wright & M. Anderson, Trish Bee. The application from C & A Dunn was in the shared folder but not discussed at the meeting.

M. Anderson has worked hard over the past year on researching and reviewing the eligibility criteria with this in mind and the continued involvement in revisions as a Director, it was felt that it would be in her interest to declare an interest at this point. MA stated that she did not wish to declare an interest but would withdraw the application. MA asked GH to declare an interest as someone who had previously benefitted from the scheme. GH did so declaring that he had welcomed the opportunity to buy land and build as part of this scheme and recognised how beneficial it would be in the future for others to do as he had.

The Directors went on to consider the Smith family eligibility and scored 23 points this exceeds the threshold of eligibility. One issue that was widely discussed is the fact that the family currently have a home with a mortgage. The Directors agreed to approve the application in light of the exceptional circumstances relating to the community benefit arising from an onsite hydro expert and a doctor and if a legal mechanism can be found to resolve the current ownership of property issue.

Action: GH to contact K. Smith and speak with J.Leysham

Items for Discussion

3. Financial Update

CD unable to attend to present the figures.

GH felt that further work was required on presentation and suggested that finance reporting becomes a priority within the work with J. Hilder.

4. Permission for Track use

Item deferred.

5. Attracting new directors

J. Hilder has offered to support and recruitment packs.

6. Retiring/resigning/re-standing Directors

GH, DA and SG are to continue, IR has volunteered to stand down after his long years of service and MA said that she will be standing down.

7. James Hilder proposal for Enterprising Boards

Meeting to be arranged at a future date.

Items for Information Only

8. Trading are applying for funding for an electric vehicle to help service the holiday accommodation


West of Westfield plot – still ongoing following information received from the Solicitor

IR wanted minuted that it has been mentioned that he could have a conflict of interest regarding his son’s cycle hire business – noted

MA presented a list of areas that are outstanding and still to be completed by the Board. Some are near to completion and others will be addressed as part of the ongoing priorities. The list is below:

  • Salary review
  • Constitution
  • Staff contracts
  • RHB policy
  • Millburn/CHT feedback
  • Plot  – Westfield
  • Mortgage – look for more favourable rates
  • Completion of sale of plots
  • Water and sewerage charges

Date of next Meeting: Monday 9th August at 4pm