Community Directors Meeting via zoom and the Hall

4.00 p.m. 13th December 2021

Present – Grant Holroyd (Chair), Davie Newton, Denise Atherley, Sam Gardener, Anna Wilson

Also Present – Craig Dunn, Corinna Calder, Morag Anderson

Via Zoom – Louise Grant (EQ)

Minutes taken by – CD

Apologies  Richard Williams, Allan Henderson

Declarations of Interest

Minutes of Previous Meeting

29th of November – Approved

8th of November – Approved

DN – Asked if a minute secretary is still on the cards.   

Still on the list of tasks to look into.

Matters arising

Priority List

Review the list

CD gave a high level update on the current priority list.

RHB Work being carried out by DN, AW and SG to be added to the list.

Items for Decision

  1. Finance – Update from EQ

LG Gave an overview of Finance to end of September.

She highlighted that Deer Management was the only service showing a loss.

She cautioned over funding for additional staff beyond the initial grant funding period.

She also highlighted the reliance on current funders including HIE.

DN – questioned the ability to accurately report on specific projects.

CD – suggested that we use the Projects Reporting functionality within Xero.

ACTION – EQ – To speak to Hannah – about better reporting on projects.

DA thanked DN for his work on the current management accounts.

DN questioned where the principle payments for the mortgages are shown.

GH – Reiterated the need to take care in employing more people and affordability in the future.  Each new post should either target self-funding after the initial grant or be limited to the lengthy of the funding.

GH – Queried whether we are receiving quarterly accounts.   The challenge for EQ is to present the information in a format that is easily digestible by the board.

ACTION – LG – to work on a solution jointly with CD and LC.

AH Joined the meeting

  1. CHT Rural Housing Burden Changes

CD gave a brief overview of the changes to the agreement between CHT and Knoydart Foundation.

AW – left in person.

Changes Approved by the Board

  1. Black Hills Proposal

Proposal to the board to take it to next stage of feasibility and funding applications.

Approved by the board.

Items for Discussion

  1. What does Knoydart Foundation want from Knoydart Trading?

DN – Make Money. Protect from risk.

GH – To Make money for the main organisation and help it meet it’s aims.

EQ provided their view on Trading Subsidiaries

  1. CHT Possible set up of letting social enterprise.

CD – asked what the boards views on the executive report

The Board is open minded about the idea but skeptical without further looking into the detail.

Looking for clarity on letting agency or maintenance company.   Too many questions remain.

ACTION – CD – to provide more information and recommendation to the board.

  • Millburn Cottage Designs

Two possible designs were shared with the board.

ACTION – CD – to check about area not present on drawings at the west end of the building entrance porch.

DN – Questioned the size of the homes, possibly not big enough.

ACTION – CD – Clarify funding situation with CHT in terms of single bedroom homes.

Board would prefer the more bedrooms the better, but constrained by the financial impacts of the construction.

  1. Worker Accommodation Unit Designs

The current architectural drawings were shared with the board.

DN – Questioned whether the feasibility of 9 people occupying 6 units is feasible.

ACTION CD – To Follow up with Toby on Drying and washing facilities.  CD to take into account the needs of the Worker Accommodation units and the Bunkhouse.

ACTION – CD – to get a quote from Toby for building.

ACTION – CD – to speak to KR about power consumption.

DN – Asked whether the financial picture allowed for repayment of loans from investors.

Items for Information Only


Aged Debt Process –

ACTION – CD – to put on the next agenda 

MA – Requested that agendas go out to the public to encourage participation.

ACTION – CD – to implement

Communication with Dunton Estates 

Reply to Christoph Henkel from Foundation, there’s three things we want to discuss with you.  And highlight the need to communicate with the community through the SKCC.

ACTON – CD – to speak to Frank and Kyle about meeting with KR about implications to get all the challenges listed.

Date of Next Meeting