Draft Minutes

Community Directors Meeting via zoom and the Hall

9.00 a.m. 9th May, 2022


Grant Holroyd (Chair), Anna Wilson, Davie Newton, Sam Gardener, Denise Atherley (Via Zoom), Richard Williams (Via Zoom)

Also attending

Craig Dunn


Declarations of Interest

GH – Point 3 Knoydart Renewables Director, Point 5 Member of KCAG, Point 8 Knoydart Forest Trust

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes approved of the 11th meeting

Meeting notes of RHB meeting agreed.

Matters arising

Declerations of Interest


Priority List

Review the list

CD gave an overview of the priorities and non-priorities on the list.

ACTION – CD – Worker Accommodation – Ask Toby about neighbour notifications

ACTION – CD – Electrical Filing – Send the filing structure to the board.

Items for Decision

  1. Smith family plot – Agree Location prior to community consultation

Board discussed the track and the location of the plot plus the current draft status.  The board discussed options on putting this plot to consultation.

ACTION – CD – Ask Kyle to prepare a plan on OS Map and mark out the plot.

ACTION – CD – Check the boundaries with neighbours and size area of plot.

Discussion on other possible future development nearby the plot and that it would be better to show these.

RW – Is there other options available to the Smith family?

GH – Confirmed this is the current process.

ACTION – KF Directors – visit the site.

ACTION – CD – Once updated plans have been provided, and ownership confirmed, to pull the information into a format to go out to consultation.

ACTION – CD – Check SLF Conditions for sale.

  1. External Director – What skills do we want from an external director.

GH gave an overview of the current status with reference to external directors.

There was a round-the-room discussion on “What skills and experience should they have?”

SG – Someone similar to AH.

AW – What do we struggle to make decisions on, or lack progress on.

DN – Council side – Knowledge of council structure and ways to tap in to them.  Knowledge of ways organisations work.    Organisational skills.

DA – Wider political nous.  Organisation and political structures.

RW – Structural and James Hilder style knowledge.

CD – Governance, where we cross the lines and they pull us back into line.

GH – Housing as an additional skill and the ability to pull strings on housing.

There followed a discussion related to how do we achieve this? this?

It was suggested that we write down two job descriptions and send to HC and James Hilder and/or Ailsa Raeburn.

Discussion on the difficulty of getting one from within the ward.

ACTION – CD – ask the council if it needs to be someone from the ward.  Send to Dot Ferguson.

ACTION – CD – create job spec and send to directors and JH.

A discussion followed on starting the process of onboarding new directors.

DA – Should we start the process of bringing on new directors.  Shadowing in the run up to directors coming off the board.

ACTION – CD – Circular email to get people to come to meetings to see what it’s all about.

  1. Plot Sale West of Westfield – Decide what amounts should be made available for projects.

GH gave an overview of the current situation.

ACTION – CD – Check if there’s a minute of agreement between KR and KF

ACTION – CD – Ask FA/KS how critical it is that the KF contributes

There was agreement that 30k to KR and remainder to housing, would be a good starting point for discussion.

There then followed a discussion on how it impacts reserves – agreed that it would not impact on reserves as this was income specifically ring-fenced for capital projects.

A discussion took place on the value of the sale.

  1. Minute Taker – Shall we find a volunteer

Discussion on job spec.  At the moment minutes come out quickly.

A round-the-room discussion took place on paid role versus volunteer.

The board agreed a paid role would be preferrable.

A discussion on the costs involved and affordability occurred with the board agreeing the KF could afford it’s share of the cost.

DN gave a summary of possible costs.

ACTION – CD – ask Knoydart Renewables and Knoydart Trading if they want to participate in this scheme, produce a job spec and advertise it.   Including spec on timescales, level of detail.

RW commented on creating a template structure at the start of the role.

ACTION – CD – Ask James Hilder for a template.

  1. KCAG Terms of Reference

A discussion took place on the terms of reference.

Who can authorise spend on the KCAG behalfs and on the KF behalf?

A discussion on Administration fees to the Foundation for overheads incurred took place.

It was agreed to approve the terms of reference subject to

ACTION – KCAG – Provide a budget.

ACTION – KCAG – Who’s the authorising signatory, add to Terms of Reference.

ACTION – KCAG – Add in to T.O.R. administration costs for Knoydart Foundation.

A comment was made about the terms of questioning the purchases in a reasonable fashion.

Items for Discussion

  1. CHT Housing Plan Update

Round the room response sought for the plan.

ACTION – BOARD – Read and feedback on the plan prior to the next meeting.

  1. Tor Mor Track Update

GH gave an update on the current position and possible costs.

Issues are planning and deeds of servitude plus future needs of use of the track.

ACTION – CD – chase planning authority for update on how much progress the applicant is making.

Deed of Servitude – any defects will be made good by the developer.  Need to ensure this is part of the Deeds of Servitude.

  1. Track beside Knoydart House

CD gave an update.

Get KFT to get a price to do some work to it.    Add admin cost to the project.  Should we ask the main road users to do the admin work.

Problem with water running from the Hide.

Should council contribute as the loop is used to access skips. 

ACTION – CD – talk to the main user – we can get a price – would be easier for you to divvy it up. 

Confirmed the area in question is from the generator shed to the Hide.

  1. RHB Updates

Discussed three plots and current status.

  1. Rent Increases for Knoydart Trading Ltd.

A discussion took place on having a policy of market rent.

Also a written process on how we calculate the market rent.

DN – Take in future considerations of operations.

ACTION – CD – produce a policy and process.

Items for Information Only

  1. Trading Company Update

No update was given, but a suggestion to have Trading Meeting before Foundation meeting.



Bought a bottle of whisky to AH.  Card going to be in the shop.

Meeting times

Any suggestions?

KF – at 6.00 p.m. Trading at 4.00p.m.

Rent shed behind the office to the coastguard

ACTION – CD – Check who owns the shed. 

ACTION – CD – to check with KS value of flow battery stuff in there.

The board agreed in principle for the KR to rent the half of shed.

Garden Shed – Boundary

ACTION – CD – check the boundary in the community garden.

How did the meeting go?

GH then asked for feedback on how the meeting went.

RW – caught up.

DN – long meeting.  Agenda going out earlier would be good.

AW – covered a lot

SG – Covered a lot.  Just starting to understand the process.

CD – Meeting went well.  Sub-committees? 

Date of Next Meeting

13th June at 6.00 p.m.