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Attending Grant Holroyd (Chair), Sam Gardener, Davie Newton, Anna Wilson, Denise Atherley (Via Zoom), Richard Williams (Via Zoom)

Also Attending Craig Dunn, Liz Tibbets, Louise Costello, Drew McNaughton, Tom Dalziel, Jane Hollowood, Steph Harris (Via Zoom), Jo Firminger (Via Zoom), John Cocker (Via Zoom), Philip Evemy (Via Zoom), Fiona Lennie (Via Zoom), Corinna Calder (Via Zoom), Daniel Gorman (Via Zoom) Apologies

Declarations of Interest DN – Agenda Point 5 (Old Forge CBS) Minutes of Previous Meeting Minutes Approved.

Matters arising

Actions from Last Meeting CD gave an update on In progress Actions.

ACTION – DN – Send round an email to directors re:C&A RHB Plot Priority List

CD Gave an update on the top three priorities

ACTION – CD – Send round to the board and copy in Sara Donald recommendations from CHT on Millburn Housing Development.

Items for Decision

  1. Minute Sale of RHB plot to Mark Harris
  2. Appraisals Policy
    DA gave overview of where the policy came from.
    Board agreed to adopt peninsula Appraisals Policy and start formal process.
    ACTION – DA – to start appraisal process on return.
  3. Directors posts
    Highland Council Representation.
    A brief update on the status of this potential board member was given. Currently we are awaiting news from Highland Council on who has been selected.
    Co-opted Directors
    RW – Asked where co-opted director will come from.
    GH – Should we look for a co-opted member who has a high level of experience of working on community boards.
    A discussion followed where it was suggested after consulting the rest of the board that Housing, Natural Capital and Line Management would be the main areas of experience we are looking to recruit for.
    A discussion took place on the future expectations of board members.
    There was a brief discussion on tenure of commitment for the co-opted director.
    RW suggested that the roles and tasks being discussed were fairly comprehensive and might more normally be expected to form part of a paid position within the organisation, rather than sit within the remit of a volunteer director.
    It was suggested that the table of requirements should make it clear that the expectation was that a co-opted director would come from out-with the community.

    It was proposed that we will try and recruit an additional co-opted director, with a high level of experience in working with community boards, especially relating to natural capital, housing and line management.
    This was agreed by the board.
    Update from Trading on Directors
    How do we recruit?
    A discussion took place about Trading Directors and in particular the chair stepping down. The board agreed that the Trading Company puts recommendations to the Foundation once the Trading Board has met to discuss LT’s thoughts.
    Confirm Renewables needs.
    It was confirmed that the Renewables chair was happy with the needs as specified.
    The board approved the needs diagram – subject to the Trading Company getting back with their confirmation.
    Highland Council – We would try and speak to Andrew Baldrey when he’s over for this weekend.
    Community Directors –
    It was confirmed that the board are seeking two new board members from the membership.
  4. Accountancy role going forwards
    LC explained that she wants to reduce her hours down to 4 days a month and has come up with a plan which was shared with the board.
    Proposes recruiting an admin person. Could do the minutes for meetings. LC would continue to do Payments and Salary.
    It was commented that it would be a good way to transition, that it may be difficult to fulfil the post, that the salary for the admin person may need looked at and that we need to confirm if they would be able to do the minutes for meetings.
    Brief discussion on accountancy costs.
    Agreed proposal as is. Further proposal after salary is reviewed.
    ACTION – LC – update proposal
  5. Pub – Minute access to rear of pub is acceptable
    After a brief discussion on the proposal the Board agreed for Old Forge CBS access to the rear of the pub.
    ACTION – CD – to ask John Leyshon to keep the agreement simple.
    Items for Discussion
  6. Accommodation Project Officer Update
    CD – Gave a brief update on starting date
    Line Manager allocation
    RW – willing to help but wants support from others.
    ACTION – CD – Check with DA what her thoughts are
    Board thinks the idea of a local group for support is a good idea.
  7. Millburn Plots
    Review Feedback
    Proposal to take it out of this meeting. This was agreed.
    ACTION – AW – will lay out the feedback better.
    ACTION – CD – Email it round
  8. Black Hills Regeneration Project Update
    ACTION – BOARD – Read the update
    Line Management Proposal
  9. Debtors
    This was parked and discussed at the end of the meeting.
  10. AGM Timeline
    A discussion took place on the timeline and it was agreed that the 7th of November would be our AGM.
    ACTION – CD – send out email inviting people to become members.
    ACTION – CD – to contact Jane Reed to see if she’d be up to handling elections.
    Items for Information Only
  11. Ranger Service Update
    DM – Gave an update on Ranger priorities
    Brief discussion on display room and bike hire.
    Discussion on the Black Hills and Ranger Service
    Discussion on Figures for the Ranger Service which were shared.
  12. Deer Management Update
    CD gave a brief update on Deer Management in JB’s absence.
  13. Housing Update
    Gave a brief housing update on what’s outstanding in rental properties.
  14. Trading Co Update
    DN – Gave a brief update on Trading Company.
    The question of “What’s the best way of allocating Core Costs?” was raised with a brief discussion following.
  15. Renewables Co Update
    The news that KR has secured funding to pay for Kyle for his part in the Energy Security Extension project was shared.
    The latest update from KR was shared to with the board.
  16. Track past Lavinia Cottage
    CD gave a brief update on the currently situation with the track.
    GH gave a brief overview of the history behind the new track.
  17. Third Party Providers to the Ranger Service Process
    CD – gave an overview.
    Agreed that the Rangers will provide an update to the board when another provider has been brought on.
    ACTION – CD – to check contracts for if people don’t adhere to our standard.
    Stephs plot.
    CD gave a brief update on the state of play.

    Point 9 was then discussed
    Date of Next Meeting
    12th September, 2022