Community Directors Meeting via zoom and the Hall
6.00 p.m. Sept 12th, 2022
Attending Grant Holroyd (Chair), Davie Newton, Denise Atherley, Sam Gardener, Anna
Wilson (Arrived at point indicated), Richard Williams (Via Zoom)
Also Attending Craig Dunn (Via Zoom), Sara Donald, Finlay Greig, Drew McNaughton, Jane
Hollowood, Tom Dalziel, Jim Brown, Jacqui Wallace (Via Zoom), Corrina Calder (Via Zoom),
Josh Gilbert (Via Zoom at point indicated)
Declarations of Interest
SG – Knoydart Farm
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Noted that the draft minutes presented accidentally included a name under a confidential
item so papers were removed from general circulation
Minutes approved with redaction on name.
ACTION – CD – redistribute with redaction and store un-redacted copy
Matters arising
Actions from Last Meeting
CD gave an overview of the actions outstanding
Priority List
CD gave an overview of the top priorities
ACTION – CD – Circulate the Minutes of the three board chairs meeting to the KF board
ACTION – CD – Circulate the updated plan for recruiting directors to the board.
ACTION – CD – Circulate suggested dates for HR session for new directors – after AGM.
Items for Decision

  1. Proposal from Knoydart Coastguard to use Long Beach area for emergency helicopter use .
    . TD gave an overview of the needs, main concern being loose material eg bonfire site.
    The board agreed they were happy for the coastguard to use the Long Beach area for both
    emergency and non-emergency use, but made clear that this permission is not exclusive, ie
    that the site would continue to be used for bonfires, events, Games and other helicopter
    KF will put out a request for people to keep the area tidy including the bonfire site.
    There was discussion on who was responsible and who pays for keeping the area tidy.
    ACTION – FG – circulate request that people keep the area tidy.
  2. Volunteer Policy and Guidance Document
    DA recommended it be approved after pre-reading the document.
    Board Approved the document, including DAs syntax adjustments
    Action CD – to mark and date the final document as approved and file accordingly
  3. C&A Dunn RHB application
    ACTION – CD – to arrange a separate single item meeting.
  4. Suitability of two Millburn RHB Plots
    AW and GH re-organised and categorised the feedback prior to the meeting.
    The document including the proposed responses from KF was approved and it was agreed
    that the whole document is published to the community.

    Discussion on the process and delays in the process.
    There was a discussion on the merits of having and not having an overall plan for the area
    and separate discussion on the Millburn Working Group.
    Board agreed the plots have been approved as suitable for sale under the RHB scheme
    ACTION – CD – to send feedback out to the community
  5. Membership Application
    Janey de Nordwall membership Approved
    ACTION – CD – to add to the list.
    It is noted that the members list was agreed by email and the following memberships
    actions were agreed.
    Remove the following names from the list and send correspondence confirming
    Bob Wright
    Jane Davies
    Martin Davies
    Morag Anderson
    Send correspondence asking for proof of residency to
    JP Robinet
    Approval of new members
    Jamespatrick Langford
    Struan Robertson
    David Costello
    Roli Haechler
    Bettina Fischer-Geisler
    Lachie Robinson
    Ben Phillips
    Vicky Phillips
    Approval subject to ballot paper supplied
    Finlay Greig
  6. Knoydart Farm Proposal (this item was considered later under Items for Discussion)
    There was a discussion on the business plan, the type of organisation, funding options and
    how it would be managed and funded. As well as the lease type and ongoing support.
    It was agreed that making a decision at this meeting was not a reasonable expectation.
    ACTION – CD on behalf Knoydart Farm Group- Create a Google Docs feedback for the board
    to ask questions after reviewing the document fully.
    ACTION – CD – to produce a plan for the area showing the land uses, existing and proposed.
  7. Request from KR to appoint TD as director of KR
    Agreed by the Board
    TD agreed to join the KR board.
    ACTION – CD -Add details to Companies house
    Items for Discussion
  8. Current Debtors
    CD reported that there were no significant debtors other than the one previously discussed.
    Further confidential discussion was had in private at the end of the meeting, minutes for this
    discussion will be filed in a confidential debtors file.
  9. Visits to Tenants By Landlord or Contractor Proposed Process
    CD gave an overview of this document and apologized to the board for his poor handling of a
    recent home visit incident.
    It was suggested that the document include examples of when it’s ok to seek entry to a
    tenants home and also to reference the relevant part of the lease.
    ACTION – CD – Add examples to the process
  10. Line Management- Accommodation Project Officer
    DA gave an update on the Line Management process so far.
    ACTION – RW – to discuss with AW an DA and SO. On how this might work.
    It was noted that training for directors may be an issue.
    ACTION – RW – to speak to Peninsula about support for this type of line management and
    provide a brief proposal explaining how this might work
    Items for Information Only
  11. Millburn Update
    SO – Gave an update on Millburn. Design and Engineering proposals were submitted.
    Confirmed that drawings to get through planning were included in the cost.
    No reasons behind the difference in costs that we could see.
    SD gave update on additional costs.
    Costs of additional drawings required to gain planning permission were included in the
    proposal, there would be additional charges for potential drawing changes after planning
    approval, therefore SD would seek to manage this.

    SD gave an update on Grant funding applications in progress.
    Workers Accommodation
    SD gave an update on the Planning application which is delayed due to HC backlog
    Action – SD to chase
    RCGF – through to Round 2 automatically.
    Question raised on the community consultation process for the design at Millburn
    ACTION – SD – to discuss and provide information on how the consultation progress will
  12. Ranger Update
    FG – gave an update on Bonfire site.
    Toilets – FG – Gave an update on toilets at Long Beach Campsite. SEPA support possible.
    Bike Shed – FG gave an update. Cycling Scotland to decide whether or not to give £15k to
    new fleet and infrastructure. Also applying to EST for E-bikes and E-Cargo bikes and charging
  13. Black Hills Update
    JS gave an update at the meeting. Progress update been sent previously via email.
    Over achieving on the cull, underspend on equipment so far.
    Black Grouse doing well.
    Outline budget – presented by JS.
    There was a discussion on overheads, GH pointed out that the project has to contribute its
    share to KF organisational overheads as well as direct project overheads
    Repaired Follach bridge, temporary
  14. Knoydart Renewables Update
    Circulated via email
    No issues, thanked for thorough and concise report.
  15. Knoydart Trading Update
    No update, other than previously mentioned that new shop manager had been found
  16. KCAG update
    TD – gave an update on Household Carbon surveys.
    Marine Survey Restoration Project – update given by TD
    TD – gave an update on a project with the Loch Hourn group.
    Garage – Timeline into use.
    Action – CD – Give a date for opening garage.
    Display Room – ACTION – CD – Make it clear who’s responsible for this room

    Housing Strategy Next Steps –
    ACTION – Board – Directors to suggest next steps for taking the document forwards.
    OSCR returns deadline end of this month
    ACTION – CD speaking with accountants this week.

    Date of Next Meeting
    10th October, 6.00 p.m.
    Notes: It was noted post meeting, via email, that CD had an interest in Point 3 as one of the
    applicants, Point 4 as noted an interest in consideration for one of the plots and Point 6 as one of
    the group proposing setting up Knoydart Farm.