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Minutes Community Directors Meeting

4.00 p.m. November 21st, 2022

Attending Grant Holroyd (Chair), Anna Wilson, Davie Newton, Sam Gardener, Andrew Baldrey, Richard Williams

Also Attending Craig Dunn, Christelle Stockdale, Liz Tibbetts, Finlay Greig, Jim Brown, Tom Dalziel, Hannah Bowyer, Tim Bowyer, , David Costello, Philip Evemy (Via Zoom), Helen Evemy (Via Zoom), Andrew, Rebecca, Ian Robertson

Apologies Denise Atherley, Sara Donald.

Declarations of Interest Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes approved

Matters arising

Actions from Last Meeting

CD gave an overview of the outstanding actions.

Priority List

RW and AW gave an update on the Workers Accommodation – Waiting on Planning from Highland Council and funding to be confirmed.

It was confirmed that GH e-mailed HC.

ACTION – GH – to forward email to AB email sent to Lucy Prims. Millburn – Waiting on Funding

<Andrew and Rebecca joined the meeting>

Items for Decision

  1. Director Election Results

Votes were announced by DC and LT and counted by CD and RW. Lachie Robinson and Jane Hollowood were elected.

  • Sawmill track

GH gave some background on the sawmill wood track.

<IR joined the meeting>

It was proposed that access is restricted to Forestry, plot holders, Renewables plus big pieces of machinery.

ACTION – CD – to organise to put sign up at the bottom of the road down below larder restricting access to Forestry, Plot Holders, Renewables plus big machinery.

ACTION – CD – to put something in the newsletter about sign going up.

  • KFT Landowner commitment statement

GH gave a background on the document.

Board agreed to sign and RW signed the document

  • Seeking Approval of the plan at Millburn

GH – Gave an explanation of the visible plan for Millburn and its associated land.

I was proposed and agreed to put the three current proposals out to consultation together as one consultation.

ACTION – CD – Put the current visual plan in newsletter

Items for Discussion

  • Foremans update

CD gave an update based on Communities Housing Trust feedback.

ACTION – CD – to ask about Manitobas upgrade to see if that fits in to funding CHT are highlighting.

ACTION – CD – Copy in Sara Donald into any back and forth with funders and CHT.

  • Knoydart Tree Nursery request for land

Discussion on comparison with proposition for a plot.

Someone needs to check that this document is in a format that is good enough to go to consultation.

It was agreed it was part of the wider consultation at Millburn. ACTION – AW/RW – Define format for proposal template

  • Policy on Allocation of Accommodation

GH gave an overview of the document including the difference between the basic principles and the detail.

ACTION – CD – Distribute document for feedback.

Board agreed with the principle that the A-Frame is for the community businesses strategic needs.

Question on accounts –

Questions were asked regarding the non-appearance of the draft end of year accounts. CD described the situation and asked to refer to EQ for confirmation.

CD confirmed an EAGM would be required.

There was a discussion on the process for lodging accounts in time for EAGM. The implications of OSCR accounts late submission were discussed.

Items for Information Only

  • KFT Update

GH gave a headline overview of the KFT update including work in native woodland, woodland management and timber firewood.

  • Board Recruitment update

CD gave a brief update on the progress for co-opting more board members.

  1. Accommodation Project Officer  Update

Due to illness SD was unable to provide an update.

  1. KCAG Update

GH gave a summary of the KCAG update.

  1. Deer Management Update

JB gave a summary update for Deer Management. Good stag season. Cull targets met. Stalking let targets, met.

JB Thanked the team for their help this season.

JB confirmed that the WKDMG meeting took place.

Application for Night shooting license to protect the woods will be applied for. Black Hills Regeneration –

JB gave an overview of the Black Hills Regeneration project progress including, Juniper gets an honorary mention.

Overachieving on the cull. Lots of new kit.

Fencing materials out on the hill, for first two fences.

  1. Ranger Service Update

FG gave an update on the Ranger Service including –

  • More affordable classes for locals happening in January.
  • In touch for Gaelic classes for people via zoom and a couple of workshops.
  • Changed campsite charging for winter for cost of living. Positive PR out of this.
  • Potential community dig.
  1. Knoydart Trading Update

DN gave a trading update.


GH asked those present to think of one thing from the last year or years that people were happy about.

Date of Next Meeting

12th December, 2022