Minutes Community Directors Meeting 

6.00pm Monday 12th Dec, 2022 


Craig Dunn, Anna Wilson, Davie Newton, Sam Gardener, Jane Hollowood, Lachie Robinson, Richard William (via zoom) Andrew Baldrey (via zoom), 

Also Attending 

Finlay Greig, Corinna Calder, Tom Dalziel, Stephanie Harris(via zoom), Sara Donald(via zoom) 


Declarations of Interest 

Minutes of Previous Meeting 

Minutes approved 

Matters arising 

Actions from Last Meeting 

CD gave an overview of outstanding actions 

Priority List 

No changes 


JH- Local Directors have discussed at an informal meeting which roles would be the most helpful going forward and who felt able to take on which roles. 

1. Appoint Chair 

Board decision to appoint Jane Hollowood as Chair. 

2. Appoint any other company office bearers 

Board decision to appoint Lachie Robinson as Vice Chair. 

Role Description: Run meeting if Chair not available. 

Board decision to appoint Davie Newton as Treasurer. 

Role Description: Financial correspondent to the board. To ask questions for the board and liase with Craig, Louise C and Louise EQ 

Board decision to appoint Anna Wilson as Secretary. 

Role Description: Agenda setting out, collating documents and sending minutes out. 

3. Line Management for Ops Manager 

Board decision to appoint Sam and Lachie to Line Manage jointly. 

RW- Do we need a terms of reference for line managing. 

ACTION– AW and RW – email round what we currently do with Sara. 

ACTION – LR and SG – zoom with Craig D to discuss line management terms. 


JH – Updates have been moved to top of agenda. Board approve. If the groups that give updates every month can inform the secretary whether there will be an update before the agenda goes out every month. The board can also request an update for any meeting if there is a specific query they have.  

4. KCAG Update – no report 

5. Deer Management Update – no report 

6. Ranger Service Update – no report 

7. Knoydart Trading Update – want to appoint an extra trading director. Approved. 

<RW left the meeting> 

Items for decision 

8. Approve Budget 

DN- a few queries, clarity needed around some Ranger figures and Deer management figures. JB couldn’t attend to answer some questions. Board decided to defer approving budget until more info is available. Board queried if there a different way to set accounts out so they are easier to read. Some defunct titles no longer need to be on the budget. Revisit budget at next meeting. 

9. Knoydart Foundation Ranger Station Proposal 

FG- Gave an overview of the proposal and would like to add that he would like to see the Ranger service manned more full time if we were able to hire a third ranger. DN- Will there be enough money to insulate etc. CD- shop around for quotes. Approved on the provision that the project gets reassessed if it goes over budget. 

10. Community Garden layout 

AW Gave overview of plans. CD- Queried that right of way isn’t affected. LR – Offered use of GPS device to walk boundaries. Approved subject to hearing back from Plak, though noted that it is the KF responsibility to maintain the fences. Board approve to include additional piece of ground to be leased by the Community garden.  

ACTION –AW – Produce a plan so that it can be included in the lease. 

ACTION – AW – Talk to Plack for quote and request in writing that the right of way across Knoydart Lodge lawn is not affected if it needed to be utilised in the future. 

11. Allocation Policy for Son-Rise and other Business Accommodation 

Approved subject to changing ‘near future’ timeline from 18 months to 6 months. 


12. Accommodation Project Officer Report 

SD – Gave overview of current updates and workload. AB – Will chase up planning office in Fort William. LR – What is back up plans if funding isn’t available. SD- Restricted routes but looking into all options available. 

Items for discussion 

13. Accounts for EGM. 

CD- Accounts expected Mon-Weds next week. We need to look at and to approve these before 31st Dec as the Companies House will not provide any further extension to the deadline. Accountants advise us that the Directors can approve the accounts rather than at an AGM. 

ACTION – DN – to double check constitution. 

ACTION – CD to send through the accounts as soon as they arrive. 

ACTION – All directors. Attend meeting on Thurs 22nd Dec at 7pm for Directors to Zoom to approve accounts. 

14. Accounts cost 

Discussion around Costs from EQ.  

ACTION – DN – email Louise Grant asking for clarification on how accountancy fees are set out in more details. JH- minuted that the directors are in no way criticizing Louise C with regards to their concerns about the finance. 

DN- want to be reassured that we are getting value for money from this accountants and if we stay with them this year then we can look for comparable quotes next year. 

15. Housing maintenance/ Foremans/Stalkers/Rangers update 

CD – Gave overview of properties and housing mainatenance. 

ACTION – CD – Send round current housing maintenance list. Priority for 2023. DN –  Can we consider raising the percentage of how much rent is set aside for maintenance, need some evidence on whether KF can afford to. AW- Can we communicate better with tenants. CD- perhaps an annual or biannual visits with tenants. Lack of people to do the actual maintenance work. JH- Would prefer the work went to people based here but might need to spend more money than has been anticipated to bring folk over to work if there are not enough available, skilled Knoydart people. DN – there will possibly be more labour available while the works at Kilchoan are ongoing if we can find funding. 

CD – CHT are keen to help and discussed funding to get surveyors over to look at what needs done and whether we go for small maintenance or a larger renovation. 

16. Knoydart Tree Nursery Next Steps AND 

17. Knoydart Farm Next Steps 

AW- RW and I came up with questions that we are able to use to decide whether a business idea is ready to go out to consultation. Discussion over whether the two proposals contained enough information for people to return a consultation response on. Board agreed to put both proposals out for community consultation in January 2023. 

JH- Clarification over some information on the cash flow (Knoydart Farm) CD – There can be flexibility in what they offer in terms of produce from other local businesses. LR- Make sure that volunteers have an equitable experience. 

ACTION – All Directors – draft a heading document to go alongside consultation. Consultation to go out before 31st January 23. 

ACTION – CD – forward previous plot consultation. 

18. Operations manager report (proposed fixed agenda item). 

CD- what would the directors feel most helpful to be in a report. DN- If we could get an overview each month. LR- if you could share what your big ticket items are. 

19. Delegation of Authority 

ACTION – All Directors – Review and Comment. 

Items for information only 

20. Agile Leadership vs Traditional organisational 

21. Utilising Sociocracy for Meetings 

AOB (No time to cover) 

1.     Operations SWOT and recommendations. 

2.     New Start – Reagan starting end of February.  Louise C will be line Managing her. 

3.     Volunteering – 2022 saw a very successful volunteer year with huge contributions made to the community by volunteers.  We’re looking to expand that programme for 2023 to Foundation and community benefit. 

4.     Friends of Knoydart – I think we’re missing a trick here and this could be a big revenue stream for us. I’m going to spend some time reviewing it, recommending some improvements and implementing those. 

5.   Options for new legal represent for the Knoydart Foundation. 

Date of Next Meeting 

9th January, 2023