Minutes Knoydart Foundation Directors Meeting to Approve Accounts
7.00pm Wednesday 22nd Dec, 2022
Attending (all via zoom)
Anna Wilson, Davie Newton, Jane Hollowood, Richard Williams
Sam Gardener, Lachie Robinson, Andrew Baldrey
Declarations of Interest

  1. Accounts from EQ
    Discussion around Audited Accounts, received on 20th Dec 22.
    DN gave overview of requirements surrounding accounts from our constitution. AW – Do we need to reappoint auditors officially at AGM. Yes.
    Board Decision – Send Accounts to members by the New Year and set a date in February for the EGM to consider the accounts and appoint auditors. This complies with KF requirements to give members 21 days to consider the accounts and for members to be notified of the EGM date 14 days beforehand.
    DN – We should request the Management accounts for the year ending Dec 21 to be available prior to the EGM. RW – Needs some work to make the Management Accounts more clearer to read in general. DN – The EGM could be an opportunity to discuss this more and also to liase with Louise Costello prior to this to help understand what would be our most useful questions to EQ.
    JH – How many people are currently on payroll compared to how many classed as self- employed. RW – Would like to check that all regulations surrounding IR35 are being followed.
    AW – Debtors should be redacted in accounts before going out to members.
    Board Approve Accounts.
    ACTION – DN – Sign Accounts and relevant paperwork, scan and send to EQ. Redact debtors and request EQ refrain from using names in report at EGM.
    ACTION – AW – Send Approved Accounts (once signed and redacted) to members before end of Dec 2022
    ACTION – ALL DIRECTORS – Set date for EGM at next Board Meeting (9th January 2023)