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Minutes Community Directors Meeting
6.00 p.m. Mon 13th February 2023
Sam Gardener, Davie Newton, Jane Hollowood, Craig Dunn, Anna Wilson
Andrew (via zoom)
Also Attending
Tom Dalziel (in person)
In Zoom:
Corinna Calder, Judy Bailey, Sara Donald, Kira Holroyd, Grant Holroyd, Stephanie Harris, Will O Neill, Ben Nunn, John Cocker, Jacqui Wallace, Phillip Evemy, Helen Evemy, Fiona Lennie
Lachie Robinson, Richard Williams
Declarations of Interest
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Matters arising
Actions from Last Meeting
JH – The majority of the Actions from previous meetings have been completed or are moving forward well. Read out any actions that had not been moved forward and CD and the Board provided updates.
Priority List

  1. Knoydart Climate Action Group Update
    Tom Dalziel read out the update and proposal for the KCAG to look for funding for an administrator. Looking for input, thoughts and views from the directors to their current working plan which is linked to in the written update.
    AB – Discretionary Fund may be of use. AW – sounds like the KCAG need to find someone to be carrying on from Lachie and great if we have funding that looks like it might fit. DN – Need to make sure the KF time and office costs are covered. SG – agree with the rest of the board.
    BOARD APPROVED – For KCAG to create a job specification and look for funding for the role.
    ACTION – ALL to look through the KCAG working current doc and comment for March meeting.
  2. Deer Management
    JH – Jim Brown has sent round a written report, but as we have a lot to get through we will send it round to the community rather than reading out.
    ACTION – AW – send deer management report round with the minutes.
  3. Ranger Service – no update this month
  4. Knoydart Trading Update
    DN – Discussion around recruitment for the Shop. Reports from Jenny Ruddle for the bunkhouse and wee hooses. Questions around future directions. Janey De Nordwall has designed an online shopping website with Liz Tibbets to sell and promote Knoydart Venison. This is ready and will be going live shortly. Trading are considering expanding this website to include Knoydart made art & crafts.
    JH – Could you expand on how the rebranding came about?
    DN – There was a discussion about rebranding to better fit within the online branding of the Shop which led to a longer discussion about rebranding the Trading group. There was then a very brief chat about the possibility of rebranding the Foundation in the future. The different aspects of Trading and how it might be input differently by different groups.
    Items for decision
  5. Approve Budget
    JH – We were going to look at monthly management report.
    CD – not available to approve at the moment, will be made at the March meeting.
    DN – Some questions around the balance sheets and need to clarify.
    JH – Defibrillators should perhaps be in the KF core budget
    CD – Historically is that the Rangers secured the funding for it originally.
  6. Millburn Consultations
    Tree Nursery:
    JH – We received a positive response to the Tree Nursery proposal and therefore the Directors have agreed to the proposal and will be discussing terms of lease.
    Knoydart Farm:
    JH – We received a mixed response to The Farm proposal which included concerns around accommodation, livestock and size of land. Therefore the Directors put forward and alternative proposal of a pilot project limited to half an acre. We felt our proposal addressed the concerns raised while allowing The Farm a sufficient area of land to trail a variety of agricultural activities, with a presumption of no livestock. There will be a one year review period, at which point any work that might progress
    The Farm such as grant applications or feasibility studies, will be considered positively.
    JH – In order for the Directors to consider the accommodation options, we would require a separate proposal in the future. The Farm have accepted the Directors revised proposal.
    ACTION – AW – email feedback from both consultations to the community
  7. KF Membership Applications
    BOARD APPROVED – Tom Harris, Yasmine Findlay and Terra Burgoyne
    ACTION – CD – add Tom, Yasmine and Terra to the membership list
  8. KF Membership process
    CD – Gave an overview of how KF Memberships are usually processed.
    ALL – Agreed to send KF membership applications straight to the Board for approval without needing to send to a single director first.
  9. Deeds of Servitude for access to behind the Old Forge
    DN – gave an overview of how the parties arrived at this lease.
    SG and AW signed the deeds of servitude and Tom Dalziel witnessed
  10. Utilising Sociocracy for Meetings
    The Directors agreed that, although we agree with and utilise some of the principals of Sociocracy, we will continue with our usual meeting structure but thanked Craig for bringing it to their attention.
  11. Agile Leadership vs Traditional organisational
    JH – Any changes to current methods AW – I think as long as everyone is open to ideas from others, no matter the role they play that’s great, I don’t think we need to get lost in the logistics.
    CD – Works well in operations team
    All in agreement that we align with the Agile Leadership values.
  12. Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan
    Consider Letter of Support for Plan with KR
    It was agreed that KR should send a response as agreed by all KR directors
  13. Proposal for Bike shelter at the top of the Doune path
    CD – Will liase with David Costello to come up with a simple proposal with a photo and foot print and will bring it to next board meeting.
  14. Proposal for Canary Reed Grass Trial by CERESiS/Ben Nunn
    JH – This is a separate proposal for land at Millburn and only fair that we put this proposal to community consultation.
    BEN NUNN – Yes would only be limited by the growing season and funding is this spring.
    AW – Agree, should be by March meeting as the previous ones were from between Jan -Feb meetings.
    ALL – Agreed to put forward proposal to community in time for decision by March board meeting.
    ACTION – ALL – Draft email to proposal and google docs to send out to community.
  15. Accommodation Project Officer report
    SARA DONALD – gave an update on Workers Accommodation and Millburn.
    DN – Definitely get some paperwork in place. Is it the architect’s job. Is it a zero interest loan.
  16. Operations Manager report
    CD – gave an overview of the last month including; leases for Son Rise A-frame, liasing with Mast enquiries, reviewed the Ceresis proposal, volunteer liason, updated loan agreements, worked on Shop website with Janey De Nordwall, work with the Ranger on marketing, reviewed KCAG proposal, submitted OSCR return, marketing plans with the Bunkhouse and Wee Hooses, Research on housing maintenance software. Registed for Scottish business pledge, signed up to living wage and fair work submission.
    ACTION – CD – Send link to housing maintenance software to Directors
    Items for discussion
  17. Plot as security for Millburn Cottage Design & Consents funding
    CD – Gave overview of how the funding works
    JH – Important that we have it in black and white
  18. Housing maintenance list
    JH – We have already touched on the website platform which sounds a good idea. Some tenants may not want to be a part of it. Who would have access to the information.
    CD – The tenants would have access to their own area, can update and see what is happening. On the other side there could be public view or not, up for discussion. Directors could have access to all the info.
    DN – There are some urgent plans particular one house that is urgent. What is our current budget. Do we have a process for commercial properties?
    CD – It’s on my list for commercial. If we can create money by releasing funds.
    JH – How does that work
    DN – Is it a business strategy or a goal.
    CD – We need a longer discussion on this. Currently the KF have three revenue streams. Revenue of land and buildings, Knoydart Trading, Ranger service and Deer Management. There may be an existing revenue streams that can be made bigger or maybe we find a new revenue stream.
    ACTION – CD – Visit Commercial properties tenants
  19. Payments from KR to KF
    CD – Amendment to letter- there was invoices to the money transferred
    JH – Read out a letter from KR which expressed concern about the amount of money Renewables were paying to the Foundation for back office support. They have requested an itemised invoice that makes it clear what is being paid for. CD is now doing this
    DN – There is another side to the conversation that is that KR need to identify a payment stream for their own operations manager who has technical on the ground management.
    CD – I understand it from the KR point of view, they need to be able to keep an operations manager and making sure they’ve got value for money. We started averaging out when we were bogged down in admin back in 2018 and now KR are writing the specification.
    GRANT H – I wouldn’t be worried about value for money, I would concentrate on transparency.
  20. Accounts – EGM
    Discussion around what accounts needed to be available for the GM on 23rd Feb 23.
    ACTION – DN – to email Louise Grant for management accounts
  21. Current Foundation Constitution in relation to Gigha Doc
    ACTION – ALL read for March meeting
  22. Discuss Updating Format of Action and Priority List
    ACTION – AW – Priority list
    Items for information only
  23. Community Phone List
    Discussion around whether the KF could do an updated community phone list as requested by members of the community. What was the legalities around data protection. It could be done but was possibly a risk to the Foundation.
    STEPHANIE H – Can I have an update on the Son-Rise A-frame allocations
    CD – Depends on what happens with the Shop manager’s job and a few other possibilities. Should know within the next couple of weeks.
    ACTION – AW – Put on agenda for March Board meeting