Meeting Minutes for Single Item Agenda reviewing Ceresis Canary Reed Grass Trial Consultation
Thurs 9th March 2023
Tigh Na Feidh, 5pm
Jane Hollowood, Sam Gardener, Lachie Robinson and Anna Wilson
Also attending:
Craig Dunn (on zoom)

  1. Canary Reed Grass Trial Consultation Feedback
    LR – Overall the feedback was really good. There has been a lower response rate with this consultation compared to the first two Millburn ones but the engagement has been positive, I think due to a clear and concise proposal. The proposal is relevant to Knoydart Foundation’s mission of biodiversity and climate change as well as financial. It would seem to have community backing. It also fits with the preferred land use for that location. My only two queries are that the proposed site is very near the Wee Hooses and what impact that will have on visitor experience if any, and that we need to make sure that the rent is in line with the other two leases on Milburn field.
    JH – I think there is room for movement with both those issues, Ben Nunn advised that he is flexible to the shape or size of area needed and yes, agree that the rents should be in line with other leases in the area.
    LR – Also some thoughts on the consultation form, whether we need to look at changing the format for future ones. Whether having to put your name down on the consultation forms are discouraging community participation. And also whether we have for example a scale from 1-5 rather than a binary yes or no for whether proposed leases should be approved.
    JH – I think it was important to keep the format similar for each of the current Millburn consultations but it is definitely something to revisit for future proposals.
    SG – I think we have covered all the issues.
    AW – I agree, with a time limit on the lease it is lower risk and there will be a usable field at the end of the trial which may provide opportunities for other endeavours. I am not too worried about the visual impact to the Wee Hooses, it will be an improvement from the rushes and brambles that currently surround them.
    ALL – Agree that we would prefer the area leased to be in a block rather than a L-shape going round the back of the Wee Hooses.
    JH – I will confirm with Ben Nunn that a block will work instead and make sure the rents are all in line with each other.
    SG – I would like to have a site visit with Ben Nunn to see it on the ground.
    ALL – Agree, a site visit would be useful
    BOARD – APPROVED – for Knoydart Foundation to lease the area of ground at Millburn to Ceresis for the Canary Reed Grass Trial, subject to a site visit in the next few days
    ACTION – CD – Email anonymised consultation feedback to Ben Nunn