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Our Story


In 1948 seven men attempted the free the lands of Knoydart.  In 1997 the Knoydart Foundation was formed and in 1999 the lands of Knoydart Estate were set free.  The Knoydart Foundation manages the former Knoydart Estate.  It is a registered charity and has two subsidiaries, Knoydart Renewables and Knoydart Trading.  We provide low rental housing for residents, green energy for the population of Inverie through Knoydart Renewables, employment, accommodation for visitors through Scotland’s Favourite Bunkhouse, manage the land through effective deer control and forestry and we provide goods to locals and visitors through the SHOP. 

When the KF (Knoydart Foundation) first took over guardianship of the land housing was dilapidated, power outages were common place and facilities for businesses were non-existent.  Twenty one years later, and after huge efforts by residents, volunteers, partner organisations and staff, Knoydart is transformed.  In partnership with Knoydart Forest Trust over half a million trees have been planted on the peninsula.

There is still much work to be done.  We have just 111 residents from over 1,000 in the mid 1800’s.


What We Do

affordable housing

The Knoydart Foundation provides affordable housing for residents of Knoydart, either through rental property or our revolutionary Rural Housing Burden scheme.

Renewable Energy

Through our green energy hydro-scheme we provide electricity to the population in Inverie.


We directly employ 9 people and also employ many more on a seasonal basis. 

land management

We manage the land as a National Scenic Area and have a 200 year forest management plan in association with the Knoydart Forest Trust.

Our Mission & Approach

  • To conserve and preserve the character and natural beauty of the Knoydart Peninsula for the benefit of the public to enjoy and study in keeping with the views of the local population.
  • To foster and encourage appreciation and interest in the peninsula and to allow access and opportunities for recreation all year round without detriment to the conservation, protection and careful management which the area requires and deserves.
  • To encourage and develop a spirit of voluntary commitment by individuals, corporate bodies and any other groups of people willing to assist in achieving the Foundation’s objectives.
  • To relieve the poverty of the unemployed inhabitants of the Knoydart Peninsula by providing or assisting in finance and opportunities for employment and appropriate training or retraining.
  • To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the peninsula without distinction of political, religious or other opinions in a common effort with the inhabitants and other organisations with a view to improving living conditions.

With Your Help, We are Making Knoydart a Better Place

We can’t do our work without donations.  Donations helped us set up our Renewables company, furnish our affordable housing, plant half a million trees and more.  Thank you to all our Friends of Knoydart and to everyone who has donated time and money.


Trees Planted

Through paid and volunteer work and in partnership with the Knoydart Forest Trust, we’ve planted over half a million trees on the Knoydart Peninsula.


We are fortunate to be guardians of large chunk of land on the West Coast of Scotland and have over 17,500 acres under our stewardship.


Through the Knoydart Foundation Ranger Service we’ve delivered over 400 walks, tours, talks and events.


We have upgraded, or built from new, twelve houses that are currently lived in with plans for more in the next year.


We’ve helped a number of business enterprises either start up or grow.


Over the last 20 years we’ve had over 600,000 visitors experiencing the beauty and tranquility of Knoydart.


From a low of 65 not so long ago, we’ve now increased the number of residents to 111.


Yes, it’s been 21 years since the Knoydart Foundation took over the land.  That’s 21 years of sound stewardship.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

A Letter from the Chair

The Knoydart Foundation has changed over the years and has achieved a lot with not very little.   We only have 9 part-time staff and a host of services to cover.  It’s through a joint effort between staff, board members and the local community that we’ve achieved what we have so far.

There is much work still to do.

We are stewards of this land and that comes with great responsibility.   Sometimes it means making difficult decisions with our resources, but as long as we stay true to our mission then we will succeed.

It has been my honour to be Chair of the Knoydart Foundation for the last few years.   I hope that if you’re coming to work, stay or visit that you enjoy our wee chunk of Scotland.

Grant Holroyd

Grant Holroyd – Chair

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