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What is the Energy Security Project and why is it important to Knoydart?

The Knoydart Energy Security Project will deliver a long-term financially and ecologically sustainable energy system for the community on the South Knoydart peninsula which is not connected to the National Electricity Grid and for the tens of thousands of visitors that come to enjoy the wild landscape of Knoydart every year. This project will ensure a clean, affordable, reliable supply of electricity that will drive the economic regeneration of the area.


The community owned energy company, Knoydart Renewables Ltd, is responsible for maintaining and operating the complete energy system in Knoydart, which includes: a 300kW hydropower system, an 11kV distribution grid, 15 transformers, a diesel generator and the metering/billing of electricity for over 80 properties. During the past 20 years the community company has conducted a series of improvements to extend the life of the 45-year-old system but there are now several components that are coming to their end of life, the most important being the hydropower pipeline, which has recently suffered critical failures and is approaching the end of its useful life.


This project will replace the pipeline with a better designed, buried pipeline and update the mechanical / electrical infrastructure to modern standards. New customer connections will be added to the network, ensuring sufficient income for the community energy company is realised to support the long term operations of the system.


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